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Yeah really was of the games over the weekend there's only one blow out appalachian state 34 a nothing over toledo scott satterfield continues to show why he's one of the better coaches it doesn't get a whole lot of attention but just one last thought on their hawaiiborn though houston site chris you know they finish seven and five it's major applewhite's first year he was elevated from tom herman staff to be the head coach last year and i just think back to the comments yeah i know it's only eur one but the comments at the the houston board of regents chaired tillman for tito very famous guy who has done a lot of big things in his life he he made the really made no secret about the fact that what he wants to this program to be this is back when when applewhite got the job he said quote i that you can look forward to major be here for many years but he better win nine ten eleven games a year to from our standpoint it he added later we did get rid of a coach that one eight games a few years ago don't ever forget that we expect to win at the university of houston for teat of course about a tony levin who was fired actually going by going seven and five and two 2014 so is there any concern chris that houston with a guy like at oliver who won the outline trophy a lot of those good recruits leftover from the tom herman era they only go seven and five this year and don't really contended the a c well or houston was looking they were never tried to win a game for the fifth consecutive season which would have been course they you know came up the game short so that's been the standard there don't you love how adam mallon college football everybody is even get the group of five level you know we're we're seeing money spent that we never would have dreamed of ten fifteen years ago but everybody thinks they should when ten or more games every year up and you do the arithmetic net up i love how whether it's it's border trust he members whether it's donors whether it's key boosters make these types of proclamations and we expect to do this.

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