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Of sorting my living room. I'll pay for the high resolution pack of video game. The cupboards can look better as I'm like, figuring out where to put my duct tape. And my fucking house is falling apart around me somebody's like, did you put an orange Julius on the dog's head? Yeah, I don't care about life. I'm trying to sort my fallout apartment anyways, continue. I just wanted to interject it with a little bit of what the people really want, which Y, is why. you know, no matter how much you do yourself. You know, you still got a little bit me in there. Yeah, keep going. Keep going. Okay. So. The fuck fucking computer system goes three minutes left, and you're like, oh, thought q. three minutes, and we're screaming, fuck you. Wrong song. Dayton are back wrong fucking sung. I fucking hate this song. The song made it last like it was eight minutes, slow. It was slow, at least with an uptempo song would feel shorter. It didn't. This was awful and we get out and we got rock song. Oh. All right. Did you just press like any share song at random? It doesn't work that way you can get out. Did he say where you locked inside? That sounds, but we commit to. Okay. Deserved it deserved it. Say that he would make it up to, you know, he didn't promise to. I mean, after all that you've been through. Yeah. I don't even remember that sign. I don't know. That's all you're allowed Peterson Tarum. Play it a plate for you later, and but anyway, do this whole thing. I'm still stoned. Eight mother fucker. I'm stoned. His book. I'm just like going. I would think this freezing cold sensation would Soper me up, but I was fucked up all day. After we live go, hey, let's go to this restaurant. That's right next door and we drove over. They get ordered all this. I just kept eating eating eating just so you're such a cliche of shaggy. What are you doing then? Went home and then I had to take the dog. I don't remember half the day. I remember doing this a lot on the couch just laying there, and then I go to take Lally to the dog groomer to wash the dog because she's got shit on her. But and so I take take the dog over there and. And I was like. Closest we're Steve AG lives. So I go to Steve AGA said, hey, can I hang out while my dog's getting her ass washed. If I bring a bunch of ice cream, bring a bunch of ice cream over. Steve Agee's house who's and he was watching the twilight zone eight like a whole tub of ice cream talked over this twilight zone. He was trying to record a podcast and was like, hey, mytalk stunt. Talk to you later. I don't think he said anything just left and under, and then I was over by your house just. Talk over your television show. Eight ice-cream. Yeah. Yeah, you did all of the people. I'm glad you're not then moving on to try to convince people you're not having the best life in the world. That's I'm paying testing. They like to spend the day doing that? It was. It was. It was quite good. I, I almost went to do like. Star Wars VR you hear about this void. Yeah. Oh. Hello, everybody. I'm Vince gully on this day in Harmon, town history, a young Spencer Crittenden emerged from the crowd and rolled his. I die that happened. I'm kidding, Jeff Davis and Spencer Kriton here we're talking about. So the more important than history. We're talking about the future of your underpants and you're just genital comfort. Think of the horrible medieval Elizabethan days of wearing just the wrong underwear. And if I can quote Andrew dice clay from the movie, Ford Fairlane Jez my bowls in the bunch. But now with me, not any more my balls I've just floating free like like electrons to the stratosphere. Do you think that's the superior design elements or the micro Modell fabric? I don't know what a dispenser. It's a combination of factors. It's a perfect storm of comfy. It's the softest, God, them thing. The earliest pairs of Miami undies. They've gone through the washing million times..

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