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Eight hundred two two two five to two is we are going to be talking to ann coulter there was a time zone issues he's going to be heard about thirty minutes or so you'd like to talk to her she is coming down on trump hard right now she her hearts broken which ran is that that's it that's far down the the criticism trains she get i mean can you hit a lower bottom broken heart does pasta a lot of people don't even believe it has the muscle but throw can be doubts broken you will you listen to trump's little was in earlier today he's a builder and he's talking about building and that's trump at his best also verizon fios television was television paul he called roseanne and i do you watch the show now that's what i wanted to talk to peter tilden about about how even handed the show was it was it re presented all sides and i'm not sure any motorcycle in the family back in the seventy s although all the family was a little harsh on the older generation this doesn't this gives you really get a sense that everyone's represented and you you're coming from and it's it's you end up still in spite of the horrible differences these people love each other and thrive together but there's tremendous differences in this family in this particular episode last episodes around about a transgender child is interesting well i don't know if that's why trump gave her anna call you know what i think sparked attention the she says she likes him the lopping rating oh yeah no that's why he flags downtrodden and that's why he called make no mistake about it great israeli television show of all time the apprentice next up you heard roseanne talk about it apparently they broke down the different democrat no they got into it apparently in arizona was like yeah sceviour president.

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