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I was looking speak films that took time to come out uhhuh you are in town and country in the annals of sort of recent movie history that has a big asterisk next to it the warren beatty movie is that was shoot it may still be shooting all we know they may still be working on that film yeah because it started in i think ninety eight who knows started when you were born and didn't come out for several years of lot of reshoot in a lot of downtime and then re re shooting were you involved in in all of that not all of it i was a replacement actor for an actor who couldn't continue on the project and i actually had to leave at a certain point i don't think they brought anyone into into replace me but they sort of they pared down the part of little bit because of it it was i mean i don't know what say it was good though you know it just go anywhere sat there and our trailers and they had like diane keaton and goldie hawn and charlton heston sitting in trailers waiting for new script pages and like warren and buck henry were off writing somewhere and peter chelsom which just pulling his hair out and and it went on for weeks you've got to be there for that it was pretty crazy hollywood history goes pretty pretty also has an asterisk next to the asterix may be for a movie that lost the most money.

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