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Make no mistake. We do placing our squad. What can do it. So that's another big advantage. What jack brings to the squad in being indicating absolutely free. Kicks the ball. What kills time. While we need to be killed he is a match-winner for me is the first name on an england team. Show and going back to what i was. Siamese jack really is not a winger. His midfield player and more from three would be sacked early and hurricane. But they don't want in that respect. Your opinion and i will to. It was bickering. For what or what. Vicky mashed being useful. That's okay the opinion. All i'm saying is that's my team but be losers. I wanna go out there because dot frightened if anyone. I want to try and win it right. But i'm not doubting off to leave yourself exploit it at the back of defending walk in defend stolen. Pays you the two full of got pace. Mcguire read gain hip. When did people say slow leads to gain you so you can be the game like he anticipates early passed aware the abbey which could be exploited for him to go into. And that's what i see for money. Mcguire hundred percent any carries on his run as well in some songs you'll see in the opposing box. I think he's a very good football. A thinking doesn't get the credit reserves. And i think largely that comes from playing at manchester always the game what it alluded to earlier bay with players that you're playing with iran as good in. Might you look as good as what you are. And i think that a lot of times that you know it is is being exposed because the defensive unique isn't as good as what it should be. You know it and rather than going for rigid sancho. I'll be looking at going for a center after apply lung saw Harry maguire better. Hour-long lindelof is not is a good player. Abc's comply aid calls number problem. That's my opinion and you wrote in the fullbacks. Did i mean we said this. Probably a year ago. I don't think. I want to bring it up if you were soc guard or you were the manager minority. You'd have a word and you bring stones to ply long-sought mcguire. And then you got one soccer. And you've got but you can't just as yet i've got straight over there and go by stones to play alongside eddie mcguire and i got it because i think he could have got in the game. Time under percents. Then you've got henderson. As the goalkeeper so arguably that that could be an england back for anchor plying old trafford. You're gonna show rope..

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