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Line in the pouring rain to get in at six AM Susan theme arrived a half hour early did you ever think you'd find yourself at five thirty in the morning absolutely not but I hope the shelves had some stuff on it the man was wearing rubber gloves and brought hand sanitizer with her I just needed to get out of the house and the fact that stop and shop is opening its sixth class which gives me the opportunity is wonderful thank you stop and shop we really appreciate it stop and shop is one of several retailers offering seniors only hours target Walmart and dollar general also blocking out hours for customers over sixty for those at risk of contracting the virus in Teaneck Marla diamond WCBS newsradio eight eighty well life is lived by the young but pictures and videos of the spring break beach scene show that the social distancing message is not getting through to the partiers and the CDC says don't ignore the numbers on younger patients CBS news medical contributor Dr Karen a real twenty percent of those age twenty to forty four were hospitalized in this country twelve percent of those age twenty to forty four needed ICU level care so we're still learning a lot about this virus right so for those young individuals who think it can't happen to me I'm not susceptible to this that's just not the case and around the virus has now impacted one royal family prince Albert of Monaco has just tested positive for the corona virus apparently the first European oil to do so here in Britain princess Beatrice's reportedly rethinking her may twenty ninth wedding both her grandparents Queen Elizabeth and prince Philip are in their nineties and in the high risk category at CBS's Vicki Barker in London W. CBS news time is twelve twenty three hiring can be challenging but ziprecruiter makes it fast and easy we talked to see Dylan escalates we needed to hire director of coffee for his company cafe culture we would look through lots of applications for people who are not qualified it definitely felt like we were looking for a needle in a haystack so Dylan started using ziprecruiter and found his perfect candidate in a few days super crisp powerful technology identifies people with the right experience and actively invites.

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