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I'm getting up to about 80% and happy to hear that the Cubs Wrigleyville rooftops will be open and fully operational by opening day, right? We're slowly creeping back to opening day. The players were supposed to report to Wrigley in sacks Park tomorrow so we could start. You know, getting some would imagine some helicopter footage of them stretching any minute now. You know, just a little taste of it is going to get is going to go a long way. Just start getting this feeling like summer again. You know, Ridley obviously has a very unique elements all around it, not the least of which are the rooftops and you know they are going to be one of the few places in America where people are gonna actually building supplies. Baseball once in season starts July 23rd of July 24th The Cubs are saying, yes, indeed. We will be with city approval will they will be opening those rooftops. They on 11 of the 15 for Ah, fully operational and would imagine will be limited capacity. But, um, you know, you got to be far away. We've all been on those rooftops, and there's no the game's a bit of a rumor from there, especially everyone talking and drinking. Um, but but it's it's It's about its closest you're going Teo like baseball, and you are in America for it needs for the first couple months because you say the Cubs on 11 of those 15 buildings. That's right. They've been the Ricketts family has been slowly buying those up a days become available. You know something? You've been less and less valuable over the years and the scoreboards went up or, you know, there's threatened What signs and enormous balloons and that kind of stuff. So as you know, these have become Available. The Rick expelling has negotiated to buyem and got most of them. At this point. They're starting to look familiar. They string the Wrigleyville rooftop banners across some, but there yet there they're all gonna They're all going to be open. You know, If anyone's been up on a recently you'll realize it's hardly what they used to be in the past, with a couple of grills and in the hot asphalt. You know, they're they're They're full on bars and grills and steak sandwiches, and some of them even have those Fenway asked. Stand up spots where you can watch the game from up there, but you know, it would take a heck of a home run. But I think Schwarber got it in him. Teo get one. It's about 464 sixties speak to the to the nearest point out left field goal. Like you say, Sometimes the game is just a rumor. From up there this next door. You have this had to happen on Weed Street, didn't it? You know, is there Ah Mohr expected story than we dispensary opening on Weed Street up in Lincoln Park. It's happening on Wednesday. The Windy City Cannabis is opening a dispensary at 9 23 West. We'd ST You know, it's one of those streets. You tried by over the years, certain giggle like that's funny or least I did. And you know that the stars are lining up. Did a little research for you, Bob. It's not named after pot. It's named after Sir Am, we'd uh oh, a wealthy landowner in the 18 hundreds. Tom, it's Morgan mended after his daughter who had married Mr Weed, so very oh, it was it was predestined. S so that's going to open at 9 23 We'd street and do way. Have a date on that, Or is it open already? Yes, it's gonna be. It's gonna be Wednesday at 10 a.m. And for folks If you're familiar with weed ST you know it's a pretty short stretch there. This is where the dinosaur barbecue used to be located to close a couple of years ago. Dinosaur barbecue was came from Syracuse, New York, where I went to school and dined at that dinosaur barbecue outside the newspaper many nights after the sports deadline, So I was sad to see that go. But now there's a windy city cannabis there and a little bit of Chicago history and Jefferson Park of Ah, firehouse. Ah, tell us about what's going on there. This is ah, another street that you don't have to look up. If you don't know it's it's North Lips Avenue, 48 41 North Lips Avenue. There's a There's an old warehouse that's been shuttered for years more than 100 years old, and this is the Jefferson Park neighborhood right about Lawrence and the Kennedy just north of the junction. They're going to make affects brewery has been eyes location for about eight years, but numerous stops and starts. The city owns it and hasn't been extremely easy wrangling it from the city. But they got approval. Now from the alderman. It goes before the zoning committee in a couple weeks. That should clear the path for her lake effect to only by the building. But then you get all the permits to build it out. They want to put actually apartment on top of this firehouse, the two storey firehouse. They wantto put some apartments up there and then put a tap room on the ground floor. So you know you get a chance, Tio. It's a dream of anybody's to live over. Ah, craft Brewery, but this would be your chance. Yeah, I think a lot of folks might want to do that. It's black Club Chicago for more on that black club Chicago dot or gets what we call extremely local news. Thanks. Shame is stuck to you tomorrow. All right, thanks. And at 7 29 coming up in a minute, we'll get you into the newsroom for complete update. And then we'll talk to social media strategist Scott Kleinberg, about What's new at Facebook and Twitter and Google some interesting things going on. And, as always, scat will have the.

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