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All of society fueled by all of these different sectors so 1966 rolls around the contents cafeteria riot the cafeteria called the san francisco pd when customers became unruly an officer attempted to arrest a trans woman and she threw a cup of hot coffee in his face assault with a deadly weapon within minutes dishes were flying i mean we're talking this is kind of like those movies not that we're trying to make light of this where you have like all food fight in the cafeteria plates flying the whole deal on new nearby newsstand was burned down and the next night gays lesbians hustler's transpeople drag queens everybody picketed confidence again frustrated the city of san francisco responded in a different way though yeah surprisingly it was a good reaction they developed a network of transpacific social mental health and medical services which eventually led to the creation of the national transsexual counseling unit in nineteen sixty eight and then again in nineteen sixty six little later that year there was something called i love the name of this one too i called the sip in at julia says in new york now little history bars in new york were not allowed to serve homosexuals they could lose their license they could lose everything but in nineteen sixty six a group of well dressed gay men from the new york branch of the medecine society because it had branched out decided challenged the law in a mild mannered sip in in a west village watering hole to be clear this social protests they were gonna gaijin involved in a bunch of these wingtip wearing gay men going to bar and looking fabulous and having a drink cracked and they made sure that reporters were aware of the situation and as reporters watched the the four activists peacefully asked the bartender or told the bartender that they were gay disclosed fully and asked if they could be served beverage now julius hasn't been recently raided so the bartender said no which led to a court case because this is all been witnessed by external people and that determined that the new york state liquor thirty did not have the right to deny service to gay people again another landmark decision now thankfully julius is still around today and it still serves gays as one of new york's oldest gay bars so you see we get these gradually escalating series of of protests and places where people were standing up and saying you know i've had enough of this each time it escalate to lure so the next one we come to his the black cat riot to love the name of nineteen sixty seven yeah i don't know if you're familiar philosophy angeles area but there's a small area called the silver lake neighborhood and it became the site of at what was the time the largest the largest documented lgbtq civil rights demonstration in the nation a lot of people want to recognize the black cat riots as the actual major critical nationally view start of the liberation movement but as you can see there's been lots of little things fueling the fire all the way along in this case this was a demonstration that took place in february nineteen sixty seven in response to a new year's eve police rate at the popular gay bar weeks before hundreds of people gathered outside the bar in a peaceful protest of the police brutality anna discriminatory laws in procedures the court case that went to this related to the baseless lewd conduct allegations of our patrons from new year's eve is legally significant in honestly this was the very first time that gay men were defended using the constitution as the foundation and they want to this this is one of the first events that really established that lay the groundwork for protected class eventually and another nice bonus to these riots i guess if you have a bonus was the advocate magazine that still around today actually was a result of these riots at it started just after fueled by the passion of that we're gonna take another quick break and after that we're gonna come back and talk to you about the.

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