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Be one of the stories of the season for the raiders. Moving forward if he continues to develop yes. I'm glad you mentioned john We've talked enough about him when he's played bad and guess what he played. Good football game. He played a really good football game. Actually and i don't know what the statistics said or the or the grades or anything like that but but for my money he played a really good game in a tough situation but stood up to the moment. Max tries at a great game two sacks dominant pressures quarterback hits. He was he was dat performance. Right there is like. I'm not saying that this is what's going to happen. But that's you you start stacking games like that up and all of a sudden you're being talked about in the pro bowl you're being talked about in a lot of different ways so we'll see if he could build continue to build off that i'd be shocked if he did some bad news obviously The raiders paid a little bit of a price for that for that When denzel good Gone for the air. It looks like with a with a torn. Acl the raiders. Are gonna have to get some things figured out in the interior that or their offense of line. Richie incognito could come back And that would mitigate things. John simpson who played reasonably well last night. And richie incognito if not got to figure some things out. We'll figure out about gerald mccoy and can gakugei unique gakuen had a hamstring injury. General mccoy had a knee injury. Both players playing while Up until they're they're those injuries So gotta get that figured out dot. Casey hayward had a nice game Thought that trevor mortga had a few shaky moments but otherwise You know played. Well not cory. Littleton made a mistake on on. The run fit led to a touchdown but otherwise had a good solid football game. They tied Abram and Somebody else with ten. You know a game. High ten tackles are vital tacos ten so a lot to like about what the defense did a lot of names to talk about. A lot of players making plays So that's a good thing All at all a great night football without question for the fans a big win. That i think the raiders can build on You know moving forward. Zeta-jones jones gets that gets the long touchdown. Pass officially win it. A big moment for him. So a lot of these names sam that we've been writing about talking about during o. T. as in training cap showed up big. Yeah they certainly did. They certainly did and what they wanna get vinnie. All before we take a quick pittsburgh i thought you offensive. Line new offensive line rookie. Right tackle new center a lot of moving parts. John simpson young guard. You'll getting star. All things considered played pretty well. I mean air car had time to throw right now. They struggled but their running game never got going but their car. Dropback fifty six times and i think i saw the staff where he was pressured. Like on twenty twenty two twenty three percent of his backs. we're mark. Jackson was pressured on more than fifty percent and we thought baltimore was dominant offense of wine. Obviously we know that. The raiders were offense. Continue to be working progresses. These young guys continue to mature develop. Justin houston working. Alex leatherwood one play on the right side. Andre james cup penalties but all things considered the young offensive line held up against a very very good defense in and did what it had to do to give derek all the time he needed on the biggest stories of the game so i was really impressed. With how the unit gelled in its first game. Yeah and I was talking to Lincoln kennedy My radio partner. Avi obviously one of the better off of live in ever do it And what what what struck him was that. Alex leatherwood on james both finished strong. There are some moments where we're where they struggled but he felt like they got stronger during the game and he felt like some of the issues for alex early. We're just technique and fundamentals. That he feels like he'll get those squared away. But i'm with you all in all when your quarterback drops back fifty six times and there's three sacks early fifty nine if you got three sacks so he dropped back fifty. Nine times was sacked three times in fifty nine pass attempts. That's it. You don't want the sax but i mean at some point you got to figure that the other teams gonna sack when he dropped the ball when drop back that many times and especially a good defense like the baltimore ravens so by and large. I'm with you. I felt like the offensive line stood up and got better as the game went on. I think they need We'll we'll take a quick look ahead of pittsburgh you're going to have to run the ball against steelers i think It's not good. That josh jacobs looks to be in a physical state right now. One game into the season Kenyan drake look like Was banged up a little bit as well so that's something that is worth monitoring. But i think it's imperative. That the raiders. Get run game going. And and not have to throw the ball fifty six times. Conversely see where they are healthwise. You're on the defensive line playing a good quarterback like big band. But i'll tell you this if they could bring the same type of pass rush against big ben it. It'll be a good day for the raiders. The app is certainly will. The margin is as mobile quarterback has ever played the game with all due respect to big band of what he's accomplished. He's not that mobile anymore. So like you said if if they can speed him up a little bit. That's when we see big brand be mistake prone in the past now pittsburgh going into pittsburgh on a road. It's always a tough place to play. Pittsburgh has a really good defense as well. But i think the rate let me. The raiders moved the ball. They moved up despite not having any kind of run game to speak. Oh for the most part. The longest rush was marcus. Mariota thirty one yard run. And then the running backs combined jacobson drake at six forty five yards. Nothing to write home about obviously But the fact they were able to moved the ball against a good defense in those kind of in that situation where the ravens new for the most part they were passing their cars to one's up. Four hundred thirty five yards able to move the ball against pittsburgh team now taking care of the ball the road contending with what those are some things that are going to have to do based on what we saw in baltimore. I think baltimore is one of the better teams in the afc. And that's what. I thought going into the season definitely continue to win the afc north and make a run in the playoffs. And the raiders did what they had to do a very good baltimore team. That's it wouldn't shock me. They go on road and pittsburgh or run as well. Yep and that is a story for another day. We will for sure be back next week to talk about whatever happens on sunday in pittsburgh but At the very least at this point for the raiders they go in flying pretty high After the big win last night elitist stadium. Now they gotta put it behind them as quickly as possible. It's a short week. It's a good opponent is a long trip to pittsburgh. the they're. They're not in great shape physically. Why physical wise the raiders. But it's football and that's what you have to do in the nfl. There's hurdles that you're going to have to overcome played play a game to game week to week. You know the drill. But we're going to be here for you next monday at some point to talk about what happened on sunday against pittsburgh steelers. Hope you appreciate a us coming on board real quick We did a show yesterday but of course we weren't gonna leave you hanging out after what happened last night. Sam thanks so much. We'll talk to you down the road. I appreciate about any for everybody else. Just want to remind you. Go to vegas nation. The app download the biggest nation app. Get all of our stuff that we do over there. The podcast the stories videos. The pictures everything i want to say. Thanks to larry mirror our producer for hanging in there with us today was crazy Wanted to say thank you because this show is sponsored by station. Casinos s. t. and sports and brought to you by blue wire and.

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