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Back into not turtle from the gain. Croc co block knockers composed by opus science collective. And i've been interested in trying to get this track on the show for bit but didn't quite know what topic would be appropriate for now. Just a heads up out there. We are family friendly show. So don't take a look this game up unless you're okay with that being that this does not fit that mold of thinking about my history with certain reviews. I do reviews for podcast. And it's become a random joke of sorts where i'll come across certain games or like the host. Joel come across certain games knowing that i am intentionally trying to find gains either hilarious to review or bad games say begging. I don't mean like an obvious bag where it was done on a ti eighty-seven. I mean like a game that is just bad but it could have been good but the put it that way. Is that balance between this terrible in good and what i came across this game i was like just trying to talk about this game on. A review will be hilarious site on a review. It on so. I requested it. We got it. And i started playing it in the first net. Caught me was well. This music is legit. This is the kind of stuff that i can. Gladly seen in full of big budget title. That would have been happy here. Pop up in the game proper So i've been a fan of it ever since the music is music more than the game. The game turned out to not be bad is urges. The music is what you're saying So i'm very glad that brings on the show and the da. It's the theme to the letter is like that late night. Red light district like setting. You're trying to work the case but you keep your eyes on the prize. That pricing victory success is just a lightheartedness like lightheartedness to the to the track to do with that with that. That keyboard almost like lyrical solo happening. Did it's dark but it's not. It's not super dark. You know it's just off master. Red light district is dark. What is very well lit reminds me. I used to play like eighty s arcade game Kicks a q. I x where you draw box nude avoid the bad guys but the box would fill screen with color and then there were versions of this game. I don't know if they were on home consoles where you would fill in the screen but instead of a color it would reveal a photograph on this. I remember those two and bars. Yeah so so back. In the early nineties late eighties my family would go to the beach or specific specifically rehoboth beach which back then was way more family friendly. I guess so we would be out on our in the arcades out there were incredible the the the games that they have you would never see anywhere else. They had the the six player x-men arcade machines all sorts of interesting stuff and back of one of them. I saw kicks. And i'm like this fantastic. I'm gonna play some kicks and it was animated characters in various degrees of clothing. Wait a minute sign up for this. I have never seen it again But like i knew it was a thing that these types of like i guess it was a rom hack or or it was just like a clone of the game with its own little spin to it and a market that was intentionally designing taking games and design them for adult bars. Just i don't know how that arcadia ended up getting. There was a lot of that kind of thing going on recently. Wanted media specifically for adults seib bars. And that's those came to be in. Also why like a lot of hours three yogis can by neil. Gop's something badly designed yes intent. Exactly we're talking about three like video novel slash. Just you know image preview you know page through type things from before but the bringing it back full circle is your hope is still like great like beach destination out here but the problem. The problems now is that that there's just no more arcades. There's an arcade claw machines and ticket dispenser type. Things this pretty much. The one is attached to the the amusement park now keeping his own building. there's a few. There's along the way and if you leave and you go wait a little ways bethany where i want my family a couple of years ago. And they had their had one actually had it machine even dvr of it. And i was really excited about that. But they had more arcade style machines they had a daytona machine that was playing that theme song like all day long and i could tell the people who work there freaking out but a beach way back when it was like the only place where i ever saw strider alpha to you know or or super pac man like those those those games that you just don't see everywhere like this. They were all in deep locations. I think back on that to it makes kind of sack that was aired. I'd never got the experience but the thought of arcades were prevalent and family summer vacations. Were thing so you have these brand new hot gains at the beaches and all these kids from all these different areas of the world are coming into this one beach or this week or weekend. And that scene will just crop up in that arcade at that exact time but you're replay with people. You might never see again. Yeah from all over the place. Like this guy's a champion of like street fighter alpha. Where's he from california. Your boat odell. Let me see if i could take this guy win. A he'll give you walk. Like a champion beat a californian guy tell me you know you go tell all your friends a world champion. Now that i'm older. I realize how lucky we are lights. Live where we are because because we used to go for day trips you know you just drive down and spend an hour to the car. Which of course is a kid felt like forever but but we can do that. That game boy. Yeah exactly south. The gameboy place unlike legends. At least during the day on the way back you couldn't to dark that giant goldman voltron attachment. Good three three kids in the back seat ain't happening.

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