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Watch coach prime in all access. Look at one of the greatest players and icons in. Nfl history during his first season as a college football head coach in the six episode documentary series we follow dion sanders mission of leveling the playing field between hughes and power five programs. It's prime like you've never seen prime before. Only that barstool sports presented by chevy silverado. Welcome back to sludge off to seventy one big podcast today. We've got the mount rushmore for the san diego pad raise. I feel like i feel like. Is there a ton to select from there. Yeah yeah the yeah is there. I think there's one guy that i feel like gets a lot of love when people talk about their san diego padres. Mount rushmore is that i don't feel like belongs there and like padre fans will probably put them there but i don't necessarily think that he should be up there and he's on that list. He's on our list Let's see. he is humming the audacity of. He's not he's not on our list. So this guy that you've got padres fans lauding yet. He's not. He's not on dr klaus list. Okay but i. I've seen him get a lot of on interwebs from potter fans. We'll have to see like two time comes when the time comes with the times already. Now go check out the starting on youtube channel. A lot of content full episodes up on the starring. Nine youtube channel. And if you do watch the podcast on the youtube channel you'll notice the dallas for the first time in quite some time. He's back home. Yeah wow like. It's been legitimately a month since i've been home to my home. Yeah yeah very nice to be home to my home And when you're listening to this this is The monday after the oakland as new york yankee series pleasants. That's exactly what you want it. Well that's exactly what you expected. Like no new definitely not expected no no one thousand percent. Like if i'm being completely totally honest we felt like we had a pitching matchup that we liked in our favor opening night. So in all seriousness. There's there's no doubt that they were thinking. Yeah we should split this if we could take three out of four because look. You don't know what you're going to get out of paul blackburn on sunday against that kind of lineup. This is a right hander. Who's not going to generate a ton of swing and miss for you. And he's got to be on the corners he's gotta be just off the quarters. Get you to fish if things go well and they did. They went very well for him. but but a split was always the realistic. Like yeah things work out that way. That's my because the way they got started again. You're like oh man will not only. Does this feel like it might not even be a split. Are we going to score a run or we could. Are we going to get our turn. To hit is kind of what felt like And so like kind of like the season started like. Hey you know a street legal to win ballgames voice like you don't have to lose all of these right off the bat like you can win in here too and so you you you. You were starting to feel emotion that you had felt oh or that. You hadn't really felt for a long time for a long time as an as fan. Like losing those i fuck really come on Not even a fight read punch back you did but i mean you can say that you like the pitching matchups and all that but the as coming into that series not playing good ball the yankees coming into that series thirteenth street dubs or no. They got thirteen straight dubs. Yeah as eleven. St dubs coming in coming in. Yep then they. They won their thirteenth straight as part of the first half of that series As battle back though as battle back and shot the tony kemp guy just fucking hates the yankees more than anyone on planet earth. He's got five homers this year. Three of them against the bronx bombers and. Yeah it was here. It was cool. I it's fun to watch. And i think can we the replay like i mean. Maybe hopes might be better. I don't know how indepth you were watching this ballgame very very intently. The last bogged like what are we doing seriously with replay like. It's now become so blatantly obvious that they're like covering for the guys back in. It just feels like you're starting to make makeup calls now even while we got replaced by. Hey guys like we can see what's going on. We can see what is happening. Like the the safcol at third for marty where he was swipe any bags in that series martin. Yeah yeah of course it. Has he been thrown out yet as an a no he is not the replay situation is not good. It's not i mean. You said you saw the replace did you. I did yes. I saw a lot of complaints. I saw a lot of a lot of tweets with the same central message of what's the point of having replay. I don't know it feels like it. I don't i hate to talk about it because it's something that we like. It's something that i know. Having played the game my entire life even especially as a pitcher you blow a guy up and that ball falls guy hits at one hundred twelve miles an hour off the bat right to your leftfielder like the give and take. I understand that but when you have video capability to get right and wrong. The calls that impact the game. Why would you ever put a limit on how you can utilize that technology like. It just doesn't make any sense right off the bat. It doesn't make any sense to limit the usage and the extent of the usage of the technology in replace but not to get too far into the weeds in here. I it just because it recalls. That maybe should have been made yankees. Didn't have did have a challenge. So they can't. They can't challenge the play. That hangs and in marseilles later in the game.

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