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Ricky Kato touchdown passes. Kevin Johnson put up two hundred seventy two yards. That's a martial record. Nothing to sneeze at. Oh, man. That is the best moment and TV. Oh, wait a minute about that about that time to time. I'm always happy with you guys. Bring it up skeptical Guillermo has an opinion it would appear as everyone was celebrating. What a great line that was evidently sceptical Guillermo doesn't think it was quite as great as the rest of us do as good neck rate. I'll I'll handle this. Got it. Hey, thank gear mo-. I mean, that's not. That's not your name. I mean, you know, when you come up with a better line, then come on. Yes. Burn nude. You're better. Yes. That fair enough be more clever to sit sit up in the stands, you criticize, you know, really, the the flawed system that is the best system we've ever had in the measurement of college football. You feel good about the last four like you. You feel anyone's got a legitimate argument to hey, we should be fourth. Really we should before. Both both Ohio State and Georgia have arguments. But I think that what the committee did was just a justifiable. I try to stay away from right because I don't think there is any one answer who you were. Splitting hairs, and it was whatever your palate and your tastes happens to be about. Which team you prefer from what I understand there. There were very strong contingents for all three in the room and people who didn't move off of those physician. So and that's really why we have the committees for that Jack evaluation. So I I agreed with it in that those are the four teams that I had ranked the top four because I think the definition of fest has to be broader than just what they are the metrics would say, and who I think would win a match up you have to incorporate a few other things while defining best is some of it is what's good for the sport. And spreading it out. A little bit is good for the sport. I know that not a. Your definition of best because as I said on TV, I would have included Oklahoma. But if we were playing a game of chance a little pool that I would never participate in, but there's some people like to and, you know, Oklahoma plate Georgia or Notre Dame plate Georgia. I would pick Georgia to win. But I thought Oklahoma deserve to be included into play all raise. I hadn't heard said what you just said, which is the idea of best for the sport like Oklahoma with the Heisman Trophy winner with a dynamic offense. You're saying that because this is I might be misunderstanding you because it's a made for TV spectacle getting Oklahoma in the game. All of the things being equal is the entertainment value tiebreaker. No, no, no. That's not what I bet at all..

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