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All right and welcome back to the gmc football podcast spent that i i we're supposed to be talking about tomorrow mary but i think we're just at the point where i need football events we started hard knocks realize the browns swoop talks about the browns are gonna be on there and we turned it into a cleveland browns site with all right we do about i mean for july we're just trying to get through this month till training camp is here training camp gets here everything's gonna be fly all right i can't wait for training for hotdogs i just can't football this has been one of the long off seasons of my life i feel right i mean and it's just this july month okay june we had stuff they just still going on news was coming out march i mean we knew free agency april we had draft bay i mean there's wasn't really much but nonetheless we talk about who's going to do well hard who added these draft all that and it's just a lie just bad news it's either bad news drama or just no news right so is the bad month for the nfl i mean terrell owens and and the hall of fame become one of the it's probably the biggest story one of the big stories of july right and none of the stories that have come out so far this month have been good at all let's see is good when he bought his mom and sister house was edge aligarh was that june story i think it might have been early july story so i might have been the best story so far all right but nonetheless i mean everything else has been terrible okay let's see ernie other news to pick up i don't think there is so let's just talk about demarco murray demarco murray was at one point one of the best running backs he was a top five running back for sure you could even consider matab three at one point in his career okays careers start in two thousand eleven career is now over which is honestly ridiculous okay demarco murray into sixteen ran for thirteen hundred yards and had nine touchdowns all right nearly thirteen hundred yards nine touchdowns and who years later he's out delete okay if you're doing that two years ago then chances are you still do it going forward okay but for some reason these nfl teams don't like giving these running backs at thirty chances okay it's honestly ridiculous i mean looking at it okay demarco murray didn't even have a bad chris he was off and on type running back okay his first season the only started seven games with the cowboys right ran for eight.

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