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Number. Where's your phone? I've lost it. Exactly. And I love my sister. You know, how you love her. She's my family. This show, even just the little bit that I do. Then you have to do the press. You have to do the reunion, and then all of a sudden your back filming again. So it really does take up a lot of time. Is it good? No, I need it all mixed up. There's butter in there and I have to be all mint. Oh, there's butter right here? Yes. A lot. Honey, never mind, go. I got it. She worked so hard. And you kind of finally sometimes go, well, maybe this is it. But I think she'll be back. She's the show, so. You said some things about this beautiful sister of yours. Oh, but you see those things, Kyle. We were having a conversation off camera, and I think I was just over the entire frustrated, I should not have said anything. I should have just kept my mouth shut. I never said anything about Lisa. I said them to Lisa. She just, you know, was unhappy that I said anything. And that's her business. I had an event here, I'm trying to think like two or three months ago. I invited everybody. She very well could have been out of town. But that I have to take the responsibility, and I did apologize on apologized. Rob, he loves the dance. Our friends call him hip hop rob. Chess is a nickname, actually. Sorry to God. So he does this. I'm gonna write it radio. You know what a good deal? Like, he does this like hand thing? Yeah, but it's nothing like that. She needs to really work on it. Okay, sorry. You know, Sutton and I, we have a history of up and downs and we go through a little bit more, but I think it's on the other. I think some people are affected by watching the show back. I'm less so. I, I'm someone that sort of sticks to where I am now and I give grace to what happens, what has happened in the past. But Garcia has reached out recently and has a nice things. And I said, thank you. So, it was nice. I felt like there was an extra couple of links there. Nina has she tried to keep his sleep, but it felt like there's extra couple hard links. Well, you guys, we also caught up with former friend of the housewives Faye Resnick, who is extremely close with Khloé Kardashian so Faye gave us an update on Khloe, baby number two, and had something to say about all the Tristan drama. She is really excited. She's having a baby. True has a, you know, a little sibling, obviously, you know, Tristan was a little disappointing. But anti and moms and sisters, Chloe and true, it's a beautiful family and we're all just right there. It's a village honestly. You gonna need a village because he has his own. That sometimes that is that is worse to just be like, it's very double worst product. Like, I'm very disappointed. Yeah. She is disappointed. Disappointing is the worst thing that like an anti or your mom. And to say it about someone that's excessive. He was just disappointed. It would be bad for the average person. Tristan clearly does not care. Right. Call him pretty much anything. And I don't think he would be bothered by it, you know? He found another level of disappointment that we have not dealt with before. All right, you guys, Hollywood also showed up for Jordan Peele's new thriller nope. Kiki Palmer stole the show. She rocked a low rise skirt. She also talked to us about the vibes. Oh.

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