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Sports play Well the defending national champs pretty much picked up exactly where they left off last season to wipe right one. Left here now play action fakes to us, in trouble, throws zone, loose You like gold. With the call on learfield testify low of finishes the night twelve of sixteen with three touchdowns, through the air. And one on the ground in, a fifty five fourteen route of Louisville Notre Dame forces a late fumble and holds onto takedown Michigan twenty. Four seventeen in south bend Mississippi State route Stephen f., Austin sixty three six Oregon handles. Bowling green. Fifty eight to twenty four Boise state starting, to season off with a win fifty six. Twenty over Troy will Greer tosses. For five scores West Virginia takes care of Tennessee forty two fourteen Appalachian state came calling at beaver stadium but Penn State. Does survive the upset bid forty five thirty eight in overtime hovering over Washington twenty one to sixteen Maryland taking down, Texas yet again intercepting longhorns towards the end thirty four twenty nine the final Ohio State cruising past Oregon state seventy. Seven to thirty one not only to the, bears trade for All pro. Pass rusher, Khalil Mack but they also. Then signed him to a six. Year one hundred forty. One million dollar extend that includes ninety guaranteed it'll go down as the richest defensive deal in NFL history to this point the forty Niners though not so lucky they lose jerick McKinnon for the season, with torn ACL thirty. Nine year old Terence Newman announces his retirement he's going to go join the Vikings coaching staff, now I'm the. Diamond Astros store back with five, eighth inning runs to beat the angels seven three MAC Chem three run Homer enough of the dodgers to. Top the d backs three to those two teams now, tied atop the west Yenkey is. Over the. Tigers to one and Andrew mccutchen state you, Mariners eight and the a seven Red Sox. Get past the White Sox six. One cubs over the Phillies seven one and the Braves rally past the pirates five three at the US open Novak Djokovic. Tops Richard Gasquet in straight sets Maria Sharapova gets by Elena Ostapenko this is Alex Perlman this is seeking and Tierney hey we're. Token sports every weekday afternoon threes. Eastern Pacific right here. On CBS sports radio NPR's.

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