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Of person he was us in La he was superhero. You know he'll be missed like like no other He he's he's from fairly but he had that. La At the best. You know what I learned from Colby you know Before he try to master the game of basketball he was working on mastering the game of Kobe. Before you master anything that you doing you you have to master yourself with discipline Consistency Working on the things that you're not good at And not being afraid to take a shot in the moment and He he taught me how to better myself and to go into the things and never be satisfied. Never be satisfied You know there's always tomorrow you can always do better. You know what I mean you can always give it a better shot bit better effort and a line from Kobe Bryant richer you were on the other team but on the court during one of the most visual moments of Kobe's career and it wasn't winning a title it was when he snapped his Achilles. You're on the bench right at that side of the court. Can you describe. Describe what you saw and then what happened afterward so I remember right there he asked Harrison. Barnes like hey did you kick me right like I could see him mouth it right and we were just no right because if you go back and look at he'd been playing forty eight minutes forty eight minutes like he hadn't missed. Many Games are many minutes and they'll minutes he was he was he was getting that team and he knew that they needed those two free throws it was late in the game. And we're all sitting there like all. Maybe it's just a tweak. Maybe what because you saw him just like like every other Achilles injury. It's just this but Kobe limped over there knocked down two free throws and then limped off the court and so even in those moments. We're all hoping and thinking for the best. Like oh well if obviously if he can he can do that right. Yeah maybe it's just a pull. Maybe it's a strain. Maybe it's a and and it was just I. It's just one of those things that like very rarely is like the real life thing like a movie very rarely right. There's no way that you can you know guys'll Derek jeter tiger woods when they Michael Jordan very you know our greatest heroes a Lotta Times. There's the story seems like a movie and even him coming back and maybe they they didn't get to the the level that they wanted to later in his career but for him to end on the note that he did is something that no one could right. I don't even think he could and the Kobe story is complicated. He did not live a perfect life he was not a saint. The sexual assault charge in Colorado is going to be part of his story. There is no criminal conviction him but there was a civil settlement He did issue a public apology. And then I saw him really spend serious effort through the rest of his life in working on how he treated women how he talked to women what he did for women and for me. That meant a lot that he wanted to do better and we saw him and what he did for Women's sports he was one of the loudest Advocates College Basketball Games. WNBA game supporting the US Women's national soccer team Oregon. Sabrina Sabrina Ionescu just broken up before her game yesterday thinking about her friend. Kobe Richard his impact on Women's sports. I mean talked to. Ah Yeah if you look at Steph curry and you WANNA know one way to really involve a women's sports have daughters that are passionate about it and see somebody that your daughter you you want those role models that your daughters look to to support and he was again like you said one of the loud voices when you got a guy that magnitude chip in to women's sports it has a tremendous impact. And you know you talk about the course of his life. You're right. He was not a perfect human. And I think that's what connected us to him as we watched him from a seventeen year old boy growing to this man that we come to know as Kobe Bryant and wasn't flawless. Would we love a bottom. He was always trying to get better yes he was always trying to get there. So that's what we love about him. We Love the journey of the man trying to try for perfection and in so many ways right so many things that he felt like I could do better every time we see him for he came back stronger in better and it just meant a lot to so many here. Thank you guys so much for everything today. I want to thank everyone who joined the show. Our condolences go out the entire families of Kobe. Jonah all seven other people who were lost in the accident in honor of Kobe. We're going to end the show with twenty four seconds of Silence.

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