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Jane, NewsRadio nine fifty. Thanks so much for joining us drying cold out there again tonight, but we should see some breaks of sun tomorrow, the plead accurate. The forecast is coming out John Feerick. Set the team up with Lance Howard, traffic and weather in the moments ahead. Partly cloudy out there. Twenty seven degrees. Downtown w w j news time eleven oh three. The Wayne County prosecutor's office charging forty six year old Albert weathers of Sterling Heights with the murder of thirty six old Kelly stow, a transgender woman found dead by police in the area of east mcnichols and brush streets. This was last week and investigation led prosecutors to arraign weather's today. He's charged with open murder and use of a firearm and commission of a felony weather's bond. One million dollars cash a probable cause conference. Is set for December twentieth. The US Olympic Committee fires. It's chief of sport performance in the wake of an independent sex abuse report involving former Michigan State University sports, Dr Larry Nassar with that story. Here's w w J's Zara Huber the two hundred and thirty three page report by the firm ropes and gray detailed how the organization that oversees the Olympic movement failed to protect young athletes in the Larry Nassar sex abuse case in names, former US Olympic Committee CEO, Scott Blackmun. And now former chief of sport performance Allen. Ashley the report provides a look at the inaction of the two after they learned about the allegations against Nassar. It says Blackman and Ashley were informed about Nassar from then USA gymnastics CEO Steve penny on July twenty fifth twenty fifteen. It's been two years since it was revealed that Nassar molested over three hundred and fifty girls and young women under the guise of medical treatment. He spending life in.

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