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These eloquent speeches about trees in and I would speed through the and I know you got to get to the next set off, right know. So. So he's like, what the hell was that? I didn't hear a word of that and let's let's slow it down. So it was just one of the more gentle wonderful experiences. And he was a situation where he would allow the camera to roll. We really didn't get in our vicinity and allowed a lot. A lot of things just happen organically, and that turned out to be just a phenomenal experience. And also a role that I had gotten or people wouldn't necessarily think of me as sort of this. Frustrated innocent father normally, or. Yeah, I was glad to be in something where I wasn't necessarily causing the damage. Yeah, this was something like the girl really loved her father, and he really loved her and it was okay. So and it was just heartbreaking when he died the way that he died. It was brutal. So I love getting that opportunity and then reading a script like the wife. This was another opportunity to kind of play a little bit of a shady character which I'm fine with. But you know, he had some edge but felt like his motivations were legitimate. And I also felt like he was trying to have this woman take responsibility and stand up for herself and come on couldn't possibly understand the concept of somebody not being comfortable in the spotlight. Yes, this character, Nathaniel bone. Whose name I love. Sometimes it's just about the name. That's a good stuff. It is definitely is helpful and building the foundation, you know. And I looked at this guy as he found a red flag in Joseph. Castleman. Jonathan prices characters cast. Yeah. And he's like a dog with a bomb. He doesn't wanna let it out. And maybe that's a little obvious, but hold onto it. Things that I think about and. Show. So yeah, getting out paternity and then getting up to to do the scenes that I have with Glenn was extraordinarily exciting. And I have always been a huge fan of hers and and look. I mean, this movie has I again, you don't know. We made it in Glasgow. We shot it in a few weeks. I had my parts in it. I didn't necessarily know what they were doing or even the flashback stuff. So. You know. So I did my part. I felt good, and I really enjoyed it and I love working with her. And then the other night I was in LA at the screening. And I mean, you could hear a pin drop in theater. I mean, it is. It is riveting. Absolutely movie. I was mesmerized by Glenn, their authentic raw real relationships and hurry, honest portrayal there are there are like, so Ming subtlety, and there's just so much reality in it. And you know, you're dealing with like ego and fame and all the bullshit of that. And then you close the door and you get to see what's going on behind the scenes and the reality of that stuff. I mean, the secrets and on my God. I. You know, those deals that you make when you're younger and relationship. And next thing you know, it's four years later and you're still in the situation. It's like forty years of resentment building. I mean, that's a lot to comprehend. And yeah, I mean, you you you, you make these choices, you make these sacrifices and then yet your end up looking back and it's like, whoa, what the hell I done. So there's so many things in this movie that that I just found I was, I don't remember breathing while I was watching it. Yeah, I remember taking a big breath at the end of it blow man that she's phenomenal. And so as Jonathan great and any stark, she does a mean there's there's Glenn Close's daughter playing a young and close. I did not even realize until you just told me though. That's amazing. Glencoe daughter playing her and they didn't. They didn't communicate much. You know, it's like she shot it in sequence. I've come to find out. They shot all those scenes first and then Glenn, but it..

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