Bruce, Lou Gehrig, Wheeler discussed on Yankees vs. Rangers


Would short i have dominic smith i i have announced field of suspicious conforto an bruce i keep bruce with lou gehrig's as the fourth outfielder and i have we'll we'll flora's whoever uses either a utility man or in a platoon situation i do not make him an every day player in the book tournament third opel tournament second i bring a player in at the other position so maybe i bring in in a must stock is somebody like that and put him a third base and then play floors and a platoon at second base for you got dominic smith i i would invest in a catcher heavily if i can do it i will invest in the catcher i will actually overpay together catcher i will actually overpaid a trade together catcher and i will and our or i will i will trade for catcher or i will overpay for catcher and i the starting time station is what it is it's the same seven guys is this year and hopefully the healthy and he take one more year with them and then you sort them out after next year you'll have havi on his walk year the absolutely god and the ground you hope you have matthew have wheeler you have lugo you have to amend not your starters and then i completely remake the bullpen completely iron tired now we know we should we'll be doing after the ferry completely remake the bullpen completely not even a question absolutely a bring a veteran stick kennedy the second and third i flavor foruzandeh platoon spot kills lefthanded pitching kills it is not an everyday player diminish returns with him a offense defense looney plays every day he is just the he is a good platoon player of come to the conclusion that that's exactly what he is getting rid of the catches i'm done with the catches done with them over paying to get a catcher and here and i'm redo when the entire bullpen elvis in orange what's up bells he might you know if possible listen i mean.

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