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Even more than that $225 billion for child care. And that same amount $225 billion to create a national, comprehensive paid family and medical leave program. And then there are other things in there to food assistance during the pandemic, Pell Grant enticements. Things like that. But those those are the big ones that the president spoke about. Yesterday. We will see how all of that goes. I've been looking at the Tribune's Josh Knowles story. About the restaurants in Chicago that have one Michelin stars. Three Chicago restaurants were named first time recipients of the Michelin We're gonna visit with which one are we going to talk to? Tomorrow? Their producer airlift will be visiting where? Moody Tongue moody tongue. The brewery. I don't know what would be more fun or challenging, naming, you know, sort of. Ah! Two star Michelin restaurant because they always have a certain kind of name. Yeah. Or a craft brew because those always have bizarre names and cans. Maybe a punk band would be the same like you can almost do. Is this a punk band? A craft brew or a $400 restaurant? Wait a second. I really like that idea for tomorrow when they're off the air, Moody tongue, Moody tongue, I would say would be a It could be any of those that sounds like a rock and roll band. You know, grunge band that sounds like a craft brew. A sounds like a really expensive runs Strong. I'm going to moody tongue. It's very sophisticated power. He's got a little just a moody tongue. All right, So here's the story. Among the winners. Michelin awarded two stars to ever Launch last summer by Chris Duffy occurred a stuffy Two stars also with the moody Tongue brewing. Which however fancy it is, you know, is a excellent brew pub, right? Opened in late 2019 with uniquely ambitious concept for a brewery. 12 beer paired courses. Behind chef Jared Wentworth, who's past work, particularly at Longman and Eagle has been honored by Michelin before, but that's fine. But does that How do you stay sober for that? A 12 beer paired course. I guess you're not getting 18 getting 16 ounces per course. Maybe, but that still does sound like a lot of beer. I'm interested Spanish and Portuguese seafood restaurant Porto. So you've got ever moody tongue. He also mentioned Portal, which opened in late 2019 was given one star. Alenia remains the only restaurant with the three star rating from Michelin. In addition to ever and moody Tongue, three other Chicago restaurants maintained their to start designation Nations. Smith Oriole and the Katya Smith with Y 17. Chicago restaurants kept their one star rating and then before that fell off, were banned in Bohemia, Blackbird, Everest and Kiko. The other Michelin stars go to Boca el ideas. Think that's why one place Elizabeth Ask on taunt Goose Foot, Mayko. Next. Are you listening? The names of these places North pond. Mukasey Hume, I think parachute Schwab CP Espionage Topolobampo Jurgen s. So those are the big winners. Why do you laugh? Because you sounded like the sins just now. Uh, e didn't realize that Fucile. So there's the good news about Chicago still being a great restaurant town. Such as it is going out to restaurants these days when we talk with Sam Pantheon of itch on Thursdays we talk about Sports. He covers the wagering side. So we also talk about sports wagering. But last week we were talking to him about The hardest thing to do in sports and proverbially. It's hit of 90 Mile an hour fastball. We notice that there's over 50 pictures now in major league who will consistently pitch 95 96 miles an hour, and yet guys do do it. So is that still the hardest thing to do in sports isn't throwing 90 five's it hit 95. Then we got into a hoo ha about that, For instance, I still think so. I've got my big three hardest things to do in sports and to me the hardest things to do our bit. Number three redirecting a hockey hap slap shot in the NHL. Then they're watching that thing. Come at you on purpose, getting in the way and then taking it just enough with your stick so goals in the goal number two the floor exercises in Olympic gymnastics. You and I can't do any of that and then to see them. Do it. Think about the floor exercises where they do the bouncy stuff and land in the splits. That's my number two number one for me would be the quad. Figure skating. Just a few people in the world can do this. Think about it. It's a whole planet of folks. Ah, lot of people can dunk a basketball. A lot of people can roll a 300 game. I'll bet there aren't 10 people on Earth. On Earth, maybe ever You can jump in the air on escape. Spin four revolutions and then land. On purpose That would to me would be the number one thing. Most difficult thing to me look like I might. You could probably put me in the batter's box. If you give me 1000 tries, I could eventually hit a 90 mile an hour fastball. Right. A chimpanzee would eventually do that. Just stick out your bat. Well, that's it. It's more like can you hit my bat rather than can my bad hit your ball? But do the spending think Isis Steve having heard all of that? Do you have one? You followed sports more than I did. But where did you come down? Or did you ever make a decision on what constitutes a sport versus an activity? No. Yeah, That's the thing, one of our listeners said last week. Well, the problem is Sable a 300. That's you trying to pull a 300 say you skating that you're trying to skate hunter but 90 mile an hour fastball. There's somebody else trying to keep you from doing it. You know, so you know to, you know, score touchdown in the NFL. That's pretty hard to do to say on. Not only is that difficult thing, but there's another guy trying to keep you from doing it. Is that your definition of his supporters? Haven't you tournament? Yeah, I think so. Well, you know the quad is what if what if feet to accomplish that, then I guess you're competing against gravity. Now that you mention it. Um John, one of your co workers is running 100 Mile race last weekend. All that that's pretty difficult. Bass fishing is an official. Ih s a sport. How about billiards? The three rail kick shot John Water polo the whole game. We mentioned that one last week we'll pick it up here with Sam Pani on a bitch in a minute. This is W g. N.

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