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And the Ravens is going it is 10 minutes. Left in the first quarter. Baltimore is putting together one of those Baltimore drives. If you watch the Ravens, you know exactly what I'm talking about Their running the zone read. They're running the ball very effectively moving down the field against Buffalo. It's 00. It's still super early in the game. Baltimore does have that does have a decision to make. North and one on the Buffalo 31. I'll keep you up today. On that game. If you missed it, Green Bay advanced in the postseason. They won 32 to 18 over the Los Angeles Rams will go to the phone lines here in a little bit 855 to 124227. Think Urban Meyer is a great coach. I don't want anyone to hear my criticism of urban Meyer taking the Jacksonville job as one that I don't think urban can coach Urban can obviously coach And that's not just the old Well, you wanted Ohio State and you want it. Florida He wanted bowling green he won at Utah, like Urban Meyer is one of the greatest college coaches in the history of the sport. He coached at bowling Green for two years. They went 17 and six He coached it Utah for two years. They lost two games and one in the Fiesta Bowl. He even went to Florida and put together one of the best dynasties and the last 30 years of the sport. And then went to Ohio State and the Big 10. It had 1.5 national champion since 1969. And added another one. So the big tent So No question or American coach. My complaints for urban Would be this. There's a learning curve. I'm sorry. If you're going to be in college as long as he was and then make the jump to the NFL. There's going to be some things that you don't know in the first year. You're gonna have to catch up to where everybody else is. Also due to his health. History. Is he a guy that you can guarantee is going to be here for the second contract. Trevor Lorne's Because of Lawrence's what the pundits and the experts and the scouts tell me he's going to be. That's a quarterback that you think you're gonna have a chance to win Super Bowls with and I say Super bowls as in plural. Do you want a coaching change? Just when you think he started ahead, his groove and really starting to hit his stride at age 24 25 years old, I wouldn't hire Urban Meyer. I think this was the owner. Wanting to go out and make a statement. Hey, this is a new day for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Look, we got urban Meyer. Become coach. We got Trevor Laurence. This felt like a moved to me. That is a little bit more sizzle than substance. At the NFL level. I wouldn't want a different direction. I would have hired one of the offensive minded coaches and I would have really looked between Arthur Smith. Who got the Falcons job. Brian Table Who's the offensive coordinator for Buffalo? Who I think's going to get the Jack. I think I think Brian Table is going to get the Chargers job. Once Buffalo season's over. I think they're going to hire Brian Table. Would have hired a guy who I think Can be Andy Reid. To Trevor Lawrence's Patrick Mahomes be the Sean Payton to Trevor Lawrence's Drew Brees. And I'm thinking of the next 10 to 12 years. And swinging absolutely big for a guy I know can get the most out of this player. That's what I would have done. I'm also not the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. She's not the move I would have made. We'll see how the urban Meyer experience works. They're getting a quarterback next year, and they have $70 million in cap space. So Jacksonville can get really good, really fast in a hurry. It's gonna be interesting. Jacksonville's going to be on Sunday night football on Monday night football and they're going to be a team that we're gonna have our island because they're gonna have a lot of story lines this year. It's going pharmacy up, plays out. Let's go to the phone lines 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. Adam is in Jacksonville going, Adam. Hey, I just want to call and I know you were saying about urban. Um, I know you have your apprehension about this guy, but In my mind. I think this is a great higher for our team. Our franchise, our city. And to make it a simplistic It's possible that we've been hearing this here locally is Some people, you know, kind of said Well, how are you gonna do transition to the NFL? You said it yourself. And Covered players say this goes there is football at the end of the day, bro. It's football, his adjustments from college to NFL and what are you talking about? Hash line or overtime versus college. I think that he is a visionary when it comes to offense of schemes and what will be able to Internet I think he is a leader of men. We have one of the youngest rosters. In the NFL, and I'm just looking forward it for him to come in there and make his imprint on it. I'm not so much concerned about his health. I'm not so much concerned about what his contract situation is. Just one of the big move for us, and I honestly think that this is just gonna do nothing but increase is like our our our chances of winning coming in the next few seasons. I appreciate the phone call Adam, I I certainly understand the optimism like.

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