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Eight five eight zero seven. Welcome back to Jim Bohannon show as special election in Mississippi the runoff for the final two years of that. Cochran US Senate seat that election appears to be going to the incumbent Republican Cindy Hyde Smith despite some verbal missteps on her part with about three quarters of the vote. Counted she continues to hold the fifty six to forty four percent lead over former democratic congressman Bill Clinton's agriculture secretary. And as it turned out key in this rate. African-american Mike Espy who has run what you'd have to say. For a democrat is a credible race in the state of sippy, which is about as red estate as you have out there. We're talking to Julia Manchester reporter for the hill dot com, and they of course, cover what happens not only on Capitol Hill. But elsewhere within the beltway looking ahead now to the the two congresses. I of course. We have the lame duck congress which is around for how long what's the period of time that we're talking about here. Julia. And do they have anything at all that they think they can get done before the re Republicans lose the house come January third. Right. So we're thinking lame duck. It goes until about January middle January. However, I would say that before then, you know, there is this huge fight over keeping the government funded. That's going on right now. And at the center of that fight the border wall. You know, President Trump has made immigration a real he's central issue in the media as I started when the midterms and trying to rally his Republican base. However, you know in trying to get the border wall funded. He's brought this issue back into the media spotlight essentially saying that using the caravan in a way to push this policy. You know, this is a campaign promise, he can't he campaigned on since twenty fifteen when he watched his presidential bid, and we've seen other Republicans really fallen through and watch it push for that money as well. However, we're not seeing that report that Democrats seem to really budge on this. They're saying they. Give money for border security. However, awhile might be questioning pushing it for them. Exactly. I'm just curious. What exactly do they want in the way of border security? I mean. What's something that looks good? But what isn't all that secure? I'm not quite sure exactly what they want. Because at one time. It seemed to me that it was a very distinct possibility that at least Chuck Schumer might go along with the idea with the president of deal amnesty for the the dreamers the existing dreamers in exchange for the wall. Right, right. It was possibility for a while. I think in terms of border security, you know, we're seeing we actually unhealthy we talked to John yard as he was most likely going to be the chair of the committee and the finance committee and the house next year, and he was saying that they're not going to budge on the wall, but they would give to border security so not being chew specific. You know, we, you know, they want some sort of deal, they want some sort of deal involving amnesty Orrin terms, or as well as DACA. However, you know, the president's recent rhetoric on amnesty doesn't take no that there's going to be deal in that direction. You know yesterday. He tweeted saying that he was by air over the weekend tweeted that he would like those migrants applying for asylum in to the US to stay in Mexico until all their papers are processed, however that wasn't communicated with the Mexican government who say. That this is not a policy there. And we have lawmakers here saying this wasn't our policy either. So lots of confusion there, you know, I think Republicans in congress are trying to you know, I guess bridge the gap between the president and Democrats try to find some kind of common road. But we're really not seeing that happening so far one eight six six five zero JIMBO our number one eight six six five zero five four six two six the incumbent Republican is winning the last of the November midterm elections in Mississippi and Marty calls in from east Texas this evening. Good evening Marty. Good evening, Jim as regards the border in bay border approach, or what are we want to call it this evening? The transparency of the media photo ops and things is hilarious beyond the leash. And then as regards this Hyde Smith race eleven points in growing is not a close race. That's a blowout. Mississippi. Senator this is probably as well as as the Democrats done statewide and Mississippi in quite a while, it's certainly not by national standards. No. But by Mississippi standards, that's not as well as Republicans to do it. And Jim I wanted to say that I love your show, you give you always bring something fun out of the blue. And when I listen to you surprised me, the explorers and things great show. Keep up the good work, man. Appreciate your your thoughts mardi. Thank you very much for your call one eight six six five O, JIMBO one eight six six five zero five four six two six th there have been I think certainly some some misleading stories, frankly, Jillian, Manchester regarding the the caravan of the that's the central part of our discussion here, but but certainly the the notion it's all a bunch of of women and children, a the pictures belie that it's overwhelmingly young men and be of course, it doesn't really matter either you have a legal right to enter the country or you don't. And that's the one thing that everybody in that caravan has in common. They don't have the legal right to do. So not yet. Anyway. Right. And that's what Republicans I think are saying at this point. You know, you're seeing a lot of Democrats really push. This narrative of you know, we we need to welcome asylum seekers into this country, this Benepe, I guess an essential part of US history. Now, give us your tired your poor excetera. We saw that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, criticized the photos are in the reports of teargassing at the border. However, Republicans will continue to say that they don't necessarily have illegal right to enter the US. And I think that's what they're going to try to push with this immigration site. Essentially, if it's gonna keep being an headlines really play a role in that.

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