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Siri's checkout kgo is John Rothman show. I was thrilled when they changed my middle school from Garfield to Martin Luther King. I don't think we have to have all of our schools named After all Dead white President Washington really created this country. Jefferson defined this country Should we change the name of Washington D. C. I'm in politics. How about taking down the Washington Monument? The Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson No, I'm not in favor of that. I was a teacher in Oakland for 40 years. The kids need to see themselves reflected in the faculty. They need to see themselves reflected in what we have values for. So if every name is someone dead white presidents not dead white presidents. This's George Washington. This is Thomas for standing here with the label there. But George Washington, But if it weren't for George Washington, we wouldn't have a country. I don't agree with that at all. Join the conversation with John Rothman weeknight 6 to 9 on KGO Aten. Franklin Show continues. We're making it easier for you to listen at home simply say Google play KGO 8 10 Once again, Here's Chip Franklin. All right. Phone numbers 80 88 10. We're kind of in the middle of a nightmare right now trying to figure out exactly where we're headed in this pandemic with leadership that we have. It's frightening to say the least. I'm going to get a quick call in but saloon conquered by Louis on KGO. Thanks for calling. Up. There's no Lou Lou's gone sorry. See what I'm gonna ask you to hold because I'm and I'll bring you up with questions for my next guest is Dr John Schwartzberg. He's a clinical professor Att. UC Berkeley and the part of their joint medical program with the University, California, San Francisco. He's a specialist in infectious diseases and vaccine ology. We can talk to him about sending kids back to school, and we can answer a lot of your questions. If you know about masks, if you and I will throw you in it if you want to hang on. I'll put you on to talk to him and you can ask questions, and I'll just kind of I'll try to stay out of it as much as I can. Because I know a lot of you have questions I want to talk about, you know, again, some of our guests and you know the 76 year old caller from Marin, who was going to the grocery storm with all those pre existing conditions. It seems to me that somebody should be delivering groceries to her. You know, if you were my mom, that's what I would have said. So I mean, you know, thes Air times to help each other out. And these are the times to try to encourage people to wear masks instead of screaming.

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