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Given we're in for your guys listening and interacting with us here on the show so we certainly appreciate it and then finally head over to linked in and check out the podcast network of course linked in a little bit more professional so we just got ourselves the entire podcast network page where they'll keep you guys up to date and posted on all different opportunities. Everything going on the different shows the programs here within the network so you can stay up to date with the latest but again we appreciate you guys listening in check us out on social media that helps us grow and continue to support us here with the best baseball podcast available out there on any platform so here in segment number two jumping around news notes injuries. The latest across major league baseball and sunday night was the twenty twenty one little league classic. It took place between the cleveland indians. In the la angels and first off the uniforms they were pretty sweet right so the angels. They wore uniform that said west basically being from the region that they would be located in if they were to take place in the little league world series. And then you head. Cleveland which had great lakes across the chest. I thought that was pretty cool. So they didn't wear their actual game. Uniforms didn't wear their actual team. Cities names whatever it was. They were the regents. Like they were part of the little league world series which i thought was a nice touch and very fitting there in williamsport pennsylvania so the pitching matchup jose suarez went for the a the angels cow could trill went for the indians in. The indians pulled out the victory by a score of three to nothing so the angels unfortunately did not get on the board. They kept otani in the yard but speaking of otani how cool would it have been to be a little league ball player there in williamsport. Pa there were reports pictures. Were mike. trout's otani were interacting with all the different teams there and in the little league world series you also have the united states brackets and then the international bracket so. I'm sure kids from all over the world we're excited to meet otani and droughts and get autograph signed and be introduced to the legends across the board one guy trout. Sure fire hall of famer and otani the most electric guy in baseball today. That's just got to be an absolutely awesome feeling for those kids to be able to meet those guys so this was the fourth literally classic that took place. There's been one every year since two thousand seventeen of course with the exception of twenty twenty due to the global pandemic that took place bowman fields is where it took place in williamsport holds just over twenty five hundred fans so very exclusive event. Where all the different kids from all the different teams. Get to go. And then just a handful of actual fans or general public get to attend the event which certainly makes it that much cooler for your team to make it to the little league world series so the first one in twenty seventeen the pirates beat the cardinals in two thousand eighteen. The mets tap the phillies in twenty nineteen. We had the cubs over the pirates. And then last year's classic was supposed to be red sox orioles that did not take place so this year they obviously had the angels and indians filling in there but like i said zero runs scored for otani so the indians able to basically hang on for three to nothing win which has to feel good. If you're an indians fan out there so speaking of the little league world series just briefly and update where we had here in the. Us team out of hawaii has gone to and owen their first two games so there are advancing through the winners bracket on one side. And on the other side you have california who has won their first. Two games so michigan texas will play to see who faces hawaii in the winters brackets and on the other side. You have oregon and south dakota facing off to see who will face california other teams. That are still alive. You have new jersey. you also have washington in nebraska hanging alive in the losers brackets. Louisiana and ohio. Going to face off against each other. New hampshire is waiting to see who they will play in the losers bracket so unfortunately at this point connecticut. Florida tennessee in pennsylvania. Have all been eliminated. But i'll keep you guys posted on what's going on there across the board at the little league world series. We won't get into as much detail like we did in the college game but always fun to pay attention there for the kids to see how they're doing and how things are coming along. So who's going to play in the twenty twenty two little league classic. It has been reported that it will be the red sox in the orioles facing off in twenty twenty two so the red sox in the orioles the orioles like i said we're supposed to take part in twenty twenty but also getting boston involve will be pretty cool for the kids and for the national media to pay attention to this game here so that'll be a fun next year with al. Least matchup taken place. There and williamsport pennsylvania so jumping around now across major league baseball looking at some injuries. Let's dive in here. If you're a new york mets fan you got gotta lock going on on the injury train. Havi air bias. He was activated from the injured list on sunday. So good news there for mets fans but linda. You're a right oblique. Strain needs a little bit. More time the mets do intend to activate him at some point this week so those two guys are going to be back in the lineup. Shortly and then on the pitching staff jacob degrom. He's in a holding pattern in his rehab. He will not throw a baseball. he will have another. Mri on august twenty seventh so it looks like he may be done for the year. Because even with the mm-hmm. I guess if that comes back clean it's gonna take two weeks to get him potentially ramp back up three weeks. You're looking at maybe one to two weeks left of him in the regular season with the mets sinking fast It's going to be difficult to try to rush back here at any point and maybe just keep him sidelined healthy hopefully for twenty twenty. Two noah syndergaard coming off a tommy. John surgery is scheduled to throw at least one more live batting practice session this week before. He heads out on rehab assignment. So time's running out on both of those guys to get back here in the twenty twenty one season and that may be a bit short shortsighted you darvish for the padres. He threw a bullpen session on friday and another one on sunday. His first two cents. He exited his start on august twelfth with lower back tightness so it looks like he could be slated to the return to the rotation this week potentially in time to make a nice start against the dodgers coming up this week. And what's now a big game for san diego speaking of the dodgers. mookie betts. He will participate in a simulated game on dodger stadium here on monday. He ran the basis swung in the cage. Shag fly balls over the weekend against the mets on sunday before the game. So he's looking to progress to be back here shortly and then clayton kershaw. He's throwing from one hundred and twenty feet at high velocity coming off a left forearm inflammation. He could throw a bullpen session. Here coming up this week as he works to get back into the rotation for the new york yankees geo your shell up left hamstring strain. He was set on his rehab assignment to double a. Somerset on sunday. So he's progressing to be back here. In the coming days luis severino had an mri eye on his right shoulder that revealed no structural damage. But he has been shut down from throwing through at least the weekend. He's coming off a tommy john surgery but was scratched from a rehab start after feeling some tightness in his shoulder but good news the. Mri came back and did not show anything serious. Glacier tour has had a left thumb strain he fielded..

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