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I will 'cause I enjoyed watching the movie I think the movie was really cool but I definitely have to watch it again at my house all my tv, my favorite movie of all time I feel like I had to watch probably like three times before I really understood it fully terminals eternal sunshine of. Eternal. Bone Home Yeah Mike favorite movie of all time like I. Probably Watch three times before I fully understood it and knew exactly what was happening and like in every capacity but that almost made me appreciate it more in a weird way. So sometimes those movies are I don't know just because you didn't like resonate with movie the first time doesn't mean that you watched it again, you would like different. Zane I didn't like each other exactly. When you get to hanging out for a little while second time, you watch your life I appreciate it guys say that you saw somebody on the way they're like back did yeah. You'RE GONNA I haven't gotten. Of. The story so You know how normal normally like we'll drive by people I'm like, oh. My God look at George Clooney and it's not just looks like and I do that all the time but you've actually seen George Clooney I've. I've actually the record. We on our way there and we're driving we're jamming. We're just like we're in the car we're saying and I'm looking on the road and I'm looking and I see glimpse of them like. Dry Goes Hey who down right now waiting. Here the build up heat slow the fuck down. He's like why he's like dude I, think I just saw Jake Jilin Hall slowdown shot. He slows down. And he comes in dark grey to I'm. So I'm so specific Dark Gray Tesla slowed down he dries by an and he's like. I always fuck up let's just make sure he he's driving next to us and I'm like, oh. My God that's him. He He'd confirmed converted need confirmation because. He does like saying that Tim Hulu. So fucking crazy like well. If you put the window down like no, not that I put it back up and I'm like he's still there you in your Urus. In his truck. All right. Good. So so Sounds like. I take out my mom's like, no no, I'm not gonNA take my phone out. So fucking stupid. It doesn't help anything. So so he's like we the him. So he puts he puts a window down and then waving at him and this this lets me know that it was actually him because we were clearly in front of him and that was way ahead. If he would have seen. Zane. Like waving. He clearly ignored me which I don't. Like a fucked up thing probably gets it all the time. So I waved I and he. gave me. Proof that it was actually fucking I knew is. Extra proof that it was because he's clearly so weird. I. It was so fucking. Opponent a little ponytails. Did He Doesn't Look J. Two Thousand But yet, donald is really cool. But on our way back also check. Back. Again. I'm looking over his moving, hanging out in your with us. We're driving back and I looked over and I saw there was a Ferrari for eight piece. A different language continue. So it's a it's a car that's very rare in color that's not very common got. And it's a like a grayish caller. I can't believe you look this up. I can't believe I didn't look it up. This is what's we know you did you told me you know it popped up on Tiktok what do you mean to pop though? So it wasn't listen. This is part of the story. So I'm looking at this car and like you can't see who's in it whatever the tinted windows and I'm just saying miring you understand why it's gorgeous and like we're just looking out of whatever really cool. We drove off nice car. The. Next Day I'm looking at TIKTOK and there's a video of Adam Sandler in that car o what he's filming. I saw that one I. The freeway. Yes. And they're like what is that a Lamborghini and he's a Lamborghini something or other, but it's a Ferrari like your Adam Sandler was like joking around like being like a troll about his car like. Like yet. He knows his Lamborghini right and just yeah. Just being like a troll being funny about it. But that was the car that we saw Adam Sandler using. Adam Sandler. This car looked like no other car I've ever seen. We'd never seen that car. Point. No I. Know I was like. I don't know if he lives out here I mean, of course they all value but. I told you. I've met him before, right? Yeah. We went to. This is actually a fuck. This is so sad and I don't even WanNa talk about it. I'm GonNa, talk about it. We went to on a movie premiere. It was one of out inside this movie, it was called. Jennifer his group was in the group that he films with all the time. Happy Madison is happy Madison Yeah. Happy. That's right. Yeah. I, think it was a Jo- dirty to. Okay, it wasn't the best movie it was. It was actually it was actually really bad. It was it was a really bad movie irrelevant. It was a really bad movie and I think. I don't know if Adam Sandler was having a bad day or he news about movie I don't know what it was but I remember we're all watching it. He was there. The whole group is there, and after the movie was done, we got up turned around. We saw him right there like up everybody was pretty much gone except for us enhanced. So cool. So we all went out and met him and he looked so. Down he was doubt but you know when you go to it premiere or screening of a movie. People usually KLOPP after it's done nine o'clock after it was done it was really weird. Yeah. It was really weird and I'm not I'm not saying like, well, maybe nobody caught. Nobody clocked the reason I'm telling you it wasn't the. Nobody cloud and it was like fucking crazy. Weird. And then we got up but we saw him and it was like so weird poor guy said, take a shot every time I say weird. I'm drunk I'm drunk. But did you say hi to them I just say, yeah. No, it was great but like it was. It was it was not a very happy moment. Happy. It was. I heard very good things about him. Yeah. Yeah. Of, course of course, you know he's incredible. He's fucking he's talented and. About. I'm so sorry could I be I'M Trying right now can. I Pick myself I got A P two P. You're right now on camera. Speaking of movies though I wanted to talk about a documentary that I saw the other day that blew my mind it was it was phenomenal. It was called the Dawn Wall it.

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