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These guys were we had people like our own bill polian who were very critical of to's place in the hall of fame at all because of his antics and who he was teammate i can understand you saying well i don't want to go there and shake hands and slap backs with a bunch of guys that were just talking about me but at the same time now you put the spotlight so firmly in that camp that i'm sure it is going to steal a fair amount of the shine whatever amount that is from the ceremony with his other classmates going in in this group billy tea owes making about himself he's always at about himself so why should we be critical why should we care i don't think you should love te'o why not i mean i wonder how many people are gonna show up at that college is it a big town like how many people go there because that would be embarrassing he goes to give a speech and there's like three hundred people see that's what i'm sure that's an excellent point he gives his speech there's much criticism and thirty seven people show up like hey we get we get refreshments here what's going on and it's free that has to that does that has to be what we all root for at this point whether or not because i'm with billy i don't really have an issue with teo i grew i'm like you i have the lasting image in my mind basically dragging that eagles team donovan mcnabb puking in the huddle kicking and screaming through that super bowl and i still would love the image of just a shot of him standing at the podium wearing the goal jacket delivering the speech to a room full of no one micron your your take on oh i'm really bummed about this because i kind of get where to's coming from but he's kind of punishing me as a fan i wanted this moment in front of all those doubters in front of all those haters have made him white i wanted him to deliver that speech and it's not the same if he's doing it a chattanooga finalists for the past three years hot button candidate after public criticism of the board of selectors the classes ray lewis randy moss brian lacquer brian doc in pretty illustrious class tito with those guys i think all those speeches actually worthy of claim it's going to be maybe the greatest day of hall of fame speeches because you know and i don't know if they're giving an amount of time you're supposed to just roughly stay in but you know ray lewis and brian dawkins hammer the over for that one ray lewis at some point is gonna get down on his knees probably throughout the course of this it's just what time is it has to be has to be some sort of hype speech for the rest of the class but teo would have been a nice addition because i feel like could be the closest to a hall of fame speech distract that we ever get yeah yeah i mean you're right the amount of venom that he'll be spewing he would make jordan's hall of fame speech which was epic in terms of how petty and cruel he was being holding grudges from high school it would lightweight capriccio and we already have our crying crying carol owens mean from that's my quarterback rant so we don't have to worry about that coming out of this or sorry meaning they met mimi all right coming up next michael jackson musical faira foul adnan virk and go joe that's right the captain here on.

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