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Now let's get rid of her. A sat honestly could come down to a coin flip but i hope it's the former at least because she seems like such a fun personality and someone who does really have not only a good head of the game but a good head for the series. In general yeah. I'm beginning to come concerned about like funds. Smile unique scandal women who admit in some cases not being physical and going into saliva as we said the sliding doors of sirri one boss. You know multi season best player of all time still hasn't won but should have numerous times versus really have been i and in nine hundred cases probably should have been only scientists software with a really tough road. It's a hot a game that other people have to play and that is really difficult about survive on an even playing field so hopefully this goes well some of these intestines big hearing about today that i really enjoy and i'm hoping we see some jedi in the game to them not to say they're feeling the same archetype but i would love to see what happened. If theresa and santoni were all on the same tribe. Because i feel like they're both sort of gunning for that same strategy right. They're saying. I'm not the most physical. But i do think i appeal to people in a way outside of the challenges ken those people coexist in the same group. Yeah or is it good because then you have a shield in that like maybe if you get rid of one i maybe then you have a little bit of time. That's a good point as well. It's sort of like. I'll throw you in front. I'll throw you to the cheetah. That's chasing us so that they can was it like isn't that The old phrase is like you don't have to outrun the cheetah. You just have to outrun one. Other person i love it. That's a good thing i look. I think would be maybe too pessimistic about these women. We've just heard from that we really enjoy cheetah. No i'm being optimistic. In perspectives of his like. Listen there's some things that don't make them look good on paper if they happen to overcome that. That makes me very happy. Because i very much like listening to them. Yeah also i don't wanna be to like. Maybe i don't want my hopes dashed. And i'm scared if i listen. I love being wrong on these podcasts. So let me be wrong in. So many ways. Shannon that clamp just blazing it on my forehead price cat calendar. Now that's on the grave. That's on the wrappings on my tombstone at this point. I know i love building because it's important to think about these things you my blue. He loves being wrong. You loved lovely. I know you can still keep it in the president right. There's life after death. Maybe every day can bring changes challenges and opportunities that can also change your personal or business financial goals and priorities as a true partner. Sandy spring bank.

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