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Jay ever levin who said levin in your home and say i just messed which you got. Yeah definitely told you ask all right. You know that one song only person that went to duke the your atlanta's more about the person and have frequent places that played at music j. I know gates got in your ear. It tell us to to too much. Joe because for me to say it. I could say that person's name again no right now to nail it the first time. That's all day. We'll zubi presented by progressive. Insurance salad hot. It'd presuming. August on the goodyear hotline. Just seeing skater boy see guys doing is doing too much. You know alan gate stop it. Line be has j. heater personnel. He only individual. How do we have the record of placing. You're not the only individual their frequent places that played at music now. J. come on now wears board shorts. That is correct. This is an almost had someone a day day. It's like i know exactly. But i couldn't today but in week or so. You're going to be an abortion. And everything i'm not. I'm not talking sports with a pseudo. It's not happening. What is it with you not liking that wearing a suit. When you're on tv to talk talksport you don't like that. Why did we have to wear a. Who wears a suit. Do you wear so do you. Do you honestly go to a sports bar with a pseudo talk sports. Do you sit around your house to the sports bar. We did if you if you come in from a sports bar with a suit. I mean from work to a sports bar with a pseudo. Something's wrong with you. Take the damn tie off the jacket. Roll-up-the-sleeves pull the shirt out okay. That's what you need to loosen up. But i do callers open. We're not selling stock in in or anything. We're not doing financial planning in the middle of a football game. So you're saying like the idea. That like i try to match the pocket square and the tie and make it look like good presume. Tv's a waste. Six o'clock in the morning at the detective j. You are sexy data. I just want to tell you. I found some interesting information. Just wanna share. Smell the smell breaking down that third quarter. So sue people for those that want to wear suits. Okay but how can i fell live. You've got to be what they want us to do. They want us to do that on. Nfl i They're not asking us to do that on this show and they were asking to do that on this show. The pre prerequisite immediately would have been no no. We're not doing that at six o'clock in the morning. No way this is. It's too early to get to dress of you. It's very comfortable to be here. Just chilling thing about these conversation. We talk to higher ups. The bosses the producers directors people that make the decisions they say will any breaking news could happen and it could be very serious so we want to make sure that you are appropriate. That does it has nothing to do with me has sounding a certain way and having a certain toll when it becomes very serious. I don't have to wear a damn suit. i'm not going against management. Let's move on so scary. So scary man. We discussed that in the next negotiation. That would be good to. We do not need to wear a suit. But other i just find it fascinating assuming as we host i take this week you'll be are suited and booted are like i'm following. Whatever your lead. Okay you know. Because maxon stephen a they come dressed to the nine. They make all the money they got five thousand dollar suits to wear every other day every day. Better yeah it. Molly got three thousand dollar outfits or coming from fancy places. Stay out of people's pockets key. No i'm not in their pockets. Though is i can look at. They suits in a gear. Tell you it's expensive. So we're on first take on thursday and friday this week and i just. That's what i need to figure out like. Am i supposed to do that because that sort of thing that everybody doesn't that show or should we just be complete rebels and say i'm not a rebel. I'm just being me. So that's the line of rebel. That is that is. I mean if put it this way if they're offended by my outfit when i joined initial then so be it. Can you tell me ahead of time. Because i always have mirroring whatever. I have well when i walk in the building. It's too late for me at that point. I need to know. I have mirror anxiety pretty much every morning so i need to know that i feel like all right. If he's going away. I go that way. Then we're sports sportsman. But you be you allen you go. Whatever weight you on double-breasted with govan sachi buttons. Do you do that. Actually wouldn't be bad. Look lt double-breasted will work on. But yeah i think. I think we're being told to get back to sports. So why don't we do that because there's a couple of other. Nfl's we talked about le'veon bell and how he'll never play for andy reid again first of all. Do we believe that if the chief absolutely t left a call him absolutely. I believe it. That's it he's done. He'll retire He play but the eight calling but go ahead. Yeah fair point. What do we think of this you as a former cowboy collar murray said something really interesting here remember he is obviously he's from texas right. You would think that this is a guy. Oh you must have grown up a big cowboys. Fan.

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