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So we were promoting it to an extent but we were not we were always one foot in one foot out the as we felt this concern. That like thank you yes. We should promote the recovery. But at the same time. We don't want to tell people everything's great when it's not which fast forward to today which is all I think. Think it's a danger for trump that We have not exploited as much yet like trump going out there saying this is the greatest economy ever more. People probably feel that now than they did when Obama was president. But I still think there's a bunch of people who don't feel that that he's at risk of pissing off. Yeah I I completely disagree with that. I think people like to hear good news. Even if it's not necessarily true the sunny skies better than gray skies your if people are GonNa vote and vote for sunny skies over gray skies all time because people don't politicians lying exaggerating awesome. Awesome Sherman. They do they really do. No one's GONNA penalize a politician forgiving sunny skies. WHO's not all true? It's interesting I really do. Believe that. You Know Wichita uh-huh which is why I was upset over. I like the fact that Obama always came across as the school administrator. Well now we're not there yet. You know got hard work to do. Stop it be a fucking politician promote yourself. There's times when it frustrated me whereas frustrate. Yes you're right but that's not the point. The point is not to right. The point is to lead. And we're we're having this discussion right and and we would have discussion later. It's like we're all pretty well off people right so if progress Kazan resigned says the. Everything's wonderful like yeah. We think it's wonderful to because it's an our live. No it's not about. It's not that everything's wonderful. It's what is the value. Are you that you're getting you know from this administration and assign you know. Assigning real point to that value let people feel with that value. Now you is. Don't let it seem like there hasn't been a value like any. I tried like I think a lot of the Obama administration like we. You you spend some time. I am on wanting your pilots talking about what Obama accomplish. You know you're the only Democrat. I hear say that I never hear anybody talking about the Obama Administration Ministration. Yeah none of these Democrats act like he didn't exist if any I remember they got in trouble in that first debate because they were like a ninety five percent approval rating. I has gotten like slamming and the most well. You hear this from the left to Bama didn't do enough mullet like it's such a insular you you know. BUBBLE FOR PEOPLE TO LOOK at every poll from nearby regrets. Love him have they forgotten about what politics is right. Yeah we're not talking about just the condition of things we're talking about politics. It's a dual edged sword. You yes there's thank you Obama that's the actual condition. Now be a fucking politician winsome. Well like you have to do both mighty on this is that I. I'm not blaming Obama. No I'm talking about the Democrats because that's your focus. Awesome now two guys. You have to politics this as well. I think people don't. It's not as important to people that you are a barometer on how things are going either good or bad right but that you are a fighter right. You're willing to say like right like if you can turn on the news to find out how things are going with the politicians to say I'm GonNa go make things better sunny skies. Here's how or guys in the sense that I have a hopeful optimistic for the future direct. And I'm going to lead us there absolutely uh and you don't hear that as much right I just I think I mean look on their face. It's it's yeah. It's happy warrior the debate. I WanNa see all of these candidates. Want at least one or all of them Be Happy Warriors here fight like lease smile. Yes Li like. I always like when I break it down in in silly comic terms. Like I'll say in my estimation like the like in in the most superficial way the best looking candidate usually wins the presidency. Yeah the funniest candidate twenty. Yes yes yes But the charismatic the more charismatic candidate usually use the present young wins the presidency. If you look back that usually works out like the the good looking. When I won't I'd say but I mean the the most charismatic when the one that connects with people Through like personal charisma tends to win out right time and time again which is very very interesting to me like when you look at like Obama two thousand eight if you had asked him one and this goes to this question this whole Warren Sanders thing which I talk about a tub show. Career Burns made the whole Republicans it's so ridiculous. It is but like but Jon favreau if we were having a private conversation. Two thousand seven seven and I asked Jesse John. Do you think a brother with the Middle Name Hussein could be the war heroes John McCain for president. What would you say we were pretty worried? You would say what Larry I used to be kind of black man beat this world has. This ain't no guess what John Farrell head back can't we of course they said under at those conditions. No I mean you can. That's a whole silly story because you can totally see how one conversation was interpreted two different ways by both of them. Because I feel like that's y'all's private conversation. Why are they being used for politics? When you know there's a sexist assist in the White House right you know that's why I think people are like? Oh Elizabeth warns campaign leaked. That like they're they are smart people over there in campaign there is no way way that anyone on that campaign at least in the tight circle campaign including the candidate thought it would be a wise idea to insert a conversation about sexism and whether she could Women could win the presidency. Twenty days out from the caucus now was someone who was close to that campaign or thought that they were close to the campaign. You have you know in a campaign you have shirt circle of people who all think that there are friends of the candidate and friends there. Were they out there telling that story and repeating it. Yeah probably that's what happened. Yeah what what do you how do Democrats. Brad's fine. The way to lead right now. You know like I look at the candidates. I can't even look at that debate and nobody stands out to me as who I feel I should get behind as leader. You know I could say what am ideas who espoused as ideas. Yeah that's one way to look at but to me that's not good enough mm-hmm because I've always said I hate making these type of predictions but it just feels like trump's GonNa win you know it's I think the way I will start by saying the debate formats are not great for this and But it's when you get to see it. Obama hated them wasn't great at them. Sure never was great. Them always hated them. He always was like these. Things aren't on the level. That's the whole point is they're not on the level. I have to play the game and it is the reason why Kennedy beat Nixon. That's right you know and I think that you have to. You have to be able to command the stage and sort of rise above both the tit for tat with other candidates and and the policy details That are being asked about right. Because the the debate moderators are going to try to drag you down right exact- that's their their. Their goal is to make news and you make news by getting candidates and fights with each other and You know trying to have them say something that makes them too far to the left or controversial or so that's their giant them in a car or or create these artificial fates right and so they want you to talk about all these details on and your job on stage is to reframe the question Shen and answer what you want to answer in speak in value statements. Share right like I and I think you don't. You didn't see that as much last debate. So you start a little bit in some of the closing statement which they had prepared ahead of time share right like I think Joe Biden sort of got there at the end with warranted Bernie. Didn't I mean they all sort of got there at the end and but in the middle of the debate is you have to be able to stand out. Yeah I not just speaking about specific issues but look. There's you speak about the elephant in the room right. There's something deeply wrong in the country right now because Donald trump is our president. And if you're not speaking to that to like what is at stake in this election and what is wrong with our democracy right now then. I think you're sort of missing the big picture right now saying that. There's something wrong is I. Think focusing on trump. Probably right where you gotta you gotTa make turn to. Yes because he continued to something something that people wanted. You know that we're seeking and that's also like why did we. Why did they not look to us for that thing that they want Yana? Which comes back to the Wilderness? You know this is the what are the things that you felt. You've learned in terms of what people want in this election right now have. Have you heard some of those things. Yeah we're we're kind of still disenchanted with the biggest. I don't know if it was a surprise but what came through most of talking to and look I talked to four different groups of voters right. So you hear people talking to swing anglers. And you're like they're all the Obama trump orders right or they're all these like white guys in the Midwest. I wanted to make sure that I found different groups. Voters talk to so I told you about the Milwaukee voters in Arizona. I talked to a group of voters who had voted for Mitt Romney and then in sixteen decided trump's crazy I'm voting for Hillary Clinton so these are former Republicans the complete opposite these as people were much more engaged. Sounded a little bit more like pundits like you know like they were watching morning joe every day you know. So they're they're you know all the parties moving too far to the left. I need a more moderate like they would say that kind of stuff and then in Miami. It was a very interesting group. I talked to people who voted for Obama in twelve and then decided to sit at home or vote third party and sixteen and it was majority black and Latino voters and you know all three and then in in Pennsylvania I talked not just disaffected. Democrats Democrat don't watch the news that much but they all four. Those groups of voters actually had similar complaints in similar hopes and the complaints. AINS were no one is looking out for me. Politics seems like a joke. The media seems like a joke. I don't hear us the media anymore. I don't trust politicians anymore. It's a game uh-huh and you know people call these some of these voters like low information voters and they say what's wrong with them trump's president don't they understand the threat to the country right now I can't they've oh well you. There's this woman that talked me in Philadelphia. She this young African American woman and she was like look. I've spent most of my life trying to figure out how to raise my child. Who has autism is an and I? I spent most of my time working and raising my child and caring for him and I would love to understand what's going on in politics because I I think it's important for me. Healthcare's important issue for me but I can't understand what's going on. I turn on these debates. It's confusing I turn on the news. Everyone's yelling at each other. They treat everything everything like a game. Everything's like a joke and I I wish there was. I wish there was an understanding class for politics where I could actually know what the issues are know. What's at stake AAC? Because I don't have time to focus on that all the time and everywhere I went. That was sort of the sentiment that like people are leading really busy lives and they want to pay attention to politics but when they do it seems like fucking circus which it is and I think Democrats are going to. It's going to be really hard to reach these people uh-huh but Democrats are going to somehow need to break through like I think the Democrats a bigger challenge than Donald Trump is the cynicism that people feel about politics read read the Democratic Party and so part of what we have to do is persuade people that a good kind of politics is still possible and raise them to believe leave in the power of democracy which is really tough. But it's the argument. That trump's argument was I loaned can fix it. The right this is the. It's the argument of a demagogue Give me all your power. I will fight your fights I will fight your enemies. The people that are standing in your way. I'll take care of them. which is why the loyalists like him regardless and even if he doesn't succeed right because they know that he's part of the fight he just want him to fight and our and our.

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