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Kowalski, PAT, Poon discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!


He was vicious. I'm mean he was mean. Thank you. He was mean and he had purple boots purple tights, but and purple jacket, I had some made for Mimi, and I was like a young all ski and it's a funny thing, the first time he saw me wrestle, I wasn't Boston and promoter in Boston brought in Kowalski unit. Couple of guys top guys. Oh my God. I'm going to Saint cardis co Oskoui, now is in the locker room. I was afraid to put my boots on big thing he's gonna give you shit. But the hell of that, just gimmick fac the promoter says to go on ski says, I wasn't the first batches go all skis. You watch you. I was nervous wreck. Right. Mass being being being about ten twelve minutes. And it came back state. He did a good job kid. I was in heaven. I was in heaven, and then later on in years. I was in Australia with him. And I wasn't Japan and I-, I- tortured him. Why, why? Because he has a hard time. He's division -tarian. He has a hard time eating, and I would our food for him. That was Doug. I said they brought to you this. I don't want that another review Poon on him when he would go to the bathroom. You would put chicken and his rice. How will you get I'll everything terrible. Either one of the biggest rivers in the history of the business. That's one of the things I have this book here and because look at all the dogeared pages, Pat, those are ribs and funny stories my book is torn up because there's so many ribs of you we'll get down. We'll get to it. One of these are like about the book is how you wrote it, because anybody's ever spent any time with Pat, if you know him as the book is just like he's telling you the stories you'll start getting getting ahead of his self go back. But wait, we'll get to that minute. We're still here. Fill the book lacked. I'm having a blast. I'm I'm on. on. But this is other than having drinks at a bar being in a finished room. I mean, we, we never really got to just hang out and she shit because you're you live where you do. I live where I'm at we're we're both busy. But a common thread was Bizet. I wanna go to killer Kowalski, because you said, because he was so got Dan mean. So let's segue here. One of my biggest things these days because I want someone to learn something in the business to learn something about the business.

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