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To this podcast. Let's help whims dream. Come true really wanna see win. In the new york times go to amazon dot com order. Wins book or go. Direct to whims website. Wind hof method dot com or the book. Sign up for the free class. Ordered the book sign up for the pre class. Please do it right now as a reward to getting this man's work out because as i said the seeker will find what he's looking for. Women's has special kind of seeker as he's found the answers he's helping these get to everyone in the world. He's helping people heal. Helping the human species push its boundaries eastern you roger bannister. Roger bannister broke the form at mile record and everyone thought it was impossible that same year. Thirty seven people broke the four minute mile record win. Office new roger bannister. But he's showing us how to break the records the limitations in our mind. Thank you so much. When and for that for what you're doing we all love you. We all support you and most of all. I appreciate you for being superhuman that. Having one of the biggest hops and being one of the kindest men. I know thank you too much harder. All the love and power. We are to say thank you kiani and this is the mind valley. Podcast if you enjoy this podcast sign up for the all access simply visit mine. Valley dot com forward slash now. Every minority program will then be unlocked.

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