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It reminds me of like when george costanza seinfeld mary and the interview at the story is going to be a bra salesman and then he was feeling good about the bras salesman and he kind of reached over and felt the fabric of the bras salesman's of the bra stores boss go ahead what do you think you're doing farkas get out here who is this pervert little weasel this is costanza he's our new bra salesman isa posters start on monday if he's her on monday you're not take your pick out on turf that's the same thing george bernard on this woman's fabric same thing as the muncie creeper well of your sorry it is i don't even wanna think about what he did afterwards like now that he's got that chicks hair on his hand that sent oh by the way thanks to mardi for kind of sticking up for me here buffalo bob is a character it's the character from joe dirt the parody character from the movie joe dirt heard that buffalo bob guy did and will there's something inappropriate that took place but yes i knew i knew that name from somewhere coming up next well nba season's going on college basketball season's going on but a lot of people were talking about the colts right now and we're going to talk about the pacers we'll talk about march madness but the colts are in the middle of the free agent signing period and they haven't signed anybody people were freaking out people are losing their minds we're gonna get kevin bowen of ten seventy the fan in here nobody covers the colt better than be does we'll find out if this is actually time to panic or not or a fans just being fans and overreacting so we'll talk to kevin my name is jerry reynolds but you can just call me the car pro now there's another.

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