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Going to take a break and be back with Claire. Well, those snow squalls are moving through the mid part of the state. The pike westbound delays graft into Auburn and then you jam to an earlier crash before exit 93 to 90. That's the former is a 10 A then use local child and past the service plaza to both ways. Reduce speeds through gardener ran out on 3 95 the snow causing major slowdown through Connecticut. Up to the mass state line into Webster also won 46 route 1 46 from North Smithfield, Rhode Island, Right, Rhode Island, Right up to the turnpike. You gonna hit delays? Both ways on 3 95 reduce speeds due to the weather from Oxford to the pike Up north. Everything's pretty quiet up north down south, looking pretty good as well. Just wet roads. Expressway. Light volume just went in and out of the city through three is looking good along the South Shore. No issues on 95 24 right now lower into 1, 28 and 11 28 93 wet roads again speed limit right between the pike and branching David, said Ronnie WBC's 24 hour traffic network. Come in and shadow. Let your love give back during the Subaru of New England share the love event this holiday season drive away in a brand new all wheel drive 2021 Subaru ascent. Starting at 32 to 95 with 0% financing for up to 63 months or lease for on Lee to 79 per month for 36 months with 31 79 do it, signing with three spacious rows of seating for up to eight passengers. The ascent offers plenty of room for presents and holiday cheer. Let your love get back. The all wheel drive 2021 Subaru ascent by with 0% financing or lease for only 2 79 per month with your lease or purchase during our share the love event, Subaru will donate $250 to your choice of charities or complete details and to find your authorized Subaru retailer Visit Subaru of New England. Dot com. For traffic and weather together. Stay with WBZ, Boston's news radio You're listening to food for thought brought to you by the box. Enter Pontotoc Bacon Company give Lee's menswear Salem Waterfront Hotel and Suites breakaway and Rozario restaurant. Well,.

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