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I don't know i mean when he first got there right they cheered for him i think when he was i got the job david stern always in the nba let's check some traffic out john morrissey with a look at our traffic john how we doing we've got a couple of problems here number one we've got real heavy traffic downtown that i twenty five drive heavy in both directions maybe the teacher protests at the state capitol had something to i'm not going to call it but yeah i mean more people down down today that raw protests at the capital's over will do it again tomorrow a very heavy drive downtown we did have a crash northbound i twenty five at broadway that was called out on the left shoulder and then a crash northbound i twenty five colefax that's been cleared rest of your drive in pretty good shape we have something developing on the south side of town in need to warn you about especially if you'll is part of your drive home eastbound jail is shutdown dallaglio which is just west of i twenty five out they've been doing some major construction in their of big headache but now they've got a problem in that construction safe shut down eastbound yale at value just west of i twenty five you can detour through the neighborhood there it's not a bad detour just down a couple of blocks and then over a couple of blocks of back up but it's going to be a major hassle on jail shutdown at here this afternoon now back on your highway drive where two to five is already loading up around colefax at southbound drive coming off by seventy on the north side that northbound drive coming from the tech center up to parker road on the south side the tech center drive getting heavy so is that c four seventy drive it's a pretty crowded drive here as you get out and get going here this afternoon your cbs s four weather partly cloudy tonight down to thirty four mostly sunny tomorrow and a high of seventy three it's fifty two right now this report is sponsored by jordan law jordan laws and award winning law injury firm has many multimillion dollar settlements and jury verdicts in both federal and state courts as a local community firm they're here for you if you have a phone they can represent you don't hesitate call them today at three oh three injured next update at four thirty koa newsradio colorado's news traffic and weather station.

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