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Davis web ends up being mentally ready and shows something in preseason games and gets half a chance wouldn't shock me if the giants ended up going with two quarterbacks and letting davis web be the number to quarterback you look at a team and you say oh with a team that has super bowl aspirations how would you wanna do that with a rookie quarterback is your backup but if genus it nice razer gina smith nor josh johnson ends up being particularly impressive in preseason games i had said there is an outside chance it just wouldn't shock me if davis what ends up being the most impressive all those three guys somehow ended up being the back on most say so that's on davis web asked for the jets so far at least i have not heard that the jets have brought in i can ask that are slater that coming up after twelve twenty but i have not heard that the jets are giving a look seed anybody else i think they feel like they have enough guys encamped right now between having the veteran and josh mccown having christian hack and burg as the young fellow they really want to check out and then having brace petty as that number three so here do are they going to go bringing an rg three or somebody else in there as a look c r i i don't know if some team cuts their quarterback whatever it is i i suppose it's possible the right now certainly that's not anything that i am here i am getting the i'm getting a signal from that joe ed scott brian i hear you we're definitely going to get to this cause but coming up last speaking of the jets and jets questions darrow slater from the ledger going to join me as my guess so if you have some jets questions hit me up.

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