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Jerry says I. Got It have if we tell. A we put no numbers or, names on any. Jersey. And we go in with tight shots we come in so tight that you can't see the Java formation. Of right there. Could be wrong. I'm with you but the rams are smart. there. Could. Identify, the players just on reputation you. I think you can pretty much guess at some of the formations and some of the plays being run even though you're going in tight even though you're you're lingering on McCarthy's face on the sidelines for fifteen seconds at a time, which is an eternity on Delaware curric-. You can still see enough that you can scout it a little bit and you can take away some I'm sure the rams are tearing it. To, pieces, right. We speak WANNA bet they got people pouring over every little bit of tape that they have from that scrimmage and what good does it really do? It's just it's just local TV. So they're not gonNA, pay a fortune for the game jerry why can't you just put a sock in just for a little bit just until you get to the start of the real season because what has always been about for Jerry? What's killed dollars? This was an opportunity because you don't want people to scout your players how about not televise it why you got to tell us why you just have enormous as because everybody was having I was reading a lot of teams at scrimmages on Saturday and Sunday and nobody tell about it nobody I don't know one that tells you. Missed one but I don't know what opportunity to make a book because that's the overriding free jerry. Can I make a dollar off this look everybody do pull name the I know that was ties meals that Dak Prescott, the head of the ball to that got tackled by Jane. Lewisville skip. I know that everybody knows that you you watch these guys enough. You feed the way they dress ties go have the race. I know. Their. Skill I don't get other than making a dollar. I don't get what they did and I. You know because I think this, you're going to be allowed to have maybe twelve to fifteen practice squad guys and you don't want someone to see somebody and inside of your practice guava because the guy who do I want to build out of practice squad or do I want to be able to live roster on somewhere else? Naturally. They're going to say skip I want an opportunity go play so I'm. GonNa build a lab roster pay. So this was the equipment we always say is the third dress rehearsal rectory season right this was it this is all you got. You're right it's the equivalent the annual blue white scrimmage right which I it's usually the first thing you do before the first preseason. Yes but that's all you got the because obviously Jerry lost his gates or to home preseason game, right? Right? Yes. so He's trying to. Recoup a little bit. It's not. It's just not worth it. You'll be jeopardize your opening game at Ramsgate if I'm not mistaking Jerry, Jones net worth is eight billion. Okay. So if he If he loses, let's say, okay, he loves three million dollars for become the gate of four million dollars say he lost ten million what is ten million into a billion? As opposed to, as you said, Mike McCarthy is trying to have anonymity trying to have secrecy out want to any formations I don't WanNa get away. Defenses said, I don't want to give away any special teams I don't want to give away anything I just WANNA go louder could skip because in the pre you play preseason game, they look at that old. So the opposing team look preseason, they go back because all business a new this is a new team. Let's go back and look at some. McCarthy Green Bay if some of the formation daddy rattled off in yeah. Let's go study Mike Nolan. When he was head coach and defensive coordinator you look at all that well now, if there was no preseason, there's no preseason games. So now I get roll up. Roll out obey. Is there like you know I could probably make sure your four hundred. By putting this local Dallas and you know they're gonNA. Watch it people watch because what does it going to watch the Saturday night Oh let's see the bra but in Dallas, they probably would watch it. You Know Probably Watch bill I don't get it with Jerry I just don't don't. He didn't make enough to buy sunscreen for his yacht. No I mean it's it's not worth what you could give away. Right? I could see what the format. I don't care how tight your and you can see how the pluses. Off. Off Epa visit with like Mike, McCarthy say frankly like. Avow we're allowing teams to possibly evaluate and critique our players impressed. Possibly side them from under skip what advantage is Jerry. For three, hundred, four, hundred, thousand dollars or whatever they played. Let's just say they pay the millions off really for that. You willing to risk giving away information because no matter what no matter how small you think it is somebody that's why they failed. Somebody can get can get information. That is why people were office defense coordinator skip they covered him out because they got people reading what you trying to say. Come. On Jerry. He's been around long enough at some point in jail. This had to cause Mike McCarthy's first sleepless night on the job in it had to have him wake up in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling thinking what have I got myself into. This is a Jerry special where he lords it over the head coach and says, I'm GONNA. Do this for the bottom line not for the one loss record correct skip. Go I did they're gonNA have no numbers on and I guarantee I'd look at them guideline Oh take interior you exactly who they are. I can tell you all lab but I can tell you the scale. Doesn't look at way ruin but does Michael Gallup does. That's the Polish Skim. Everybody knows who they are. They don't need the numbers. They don't need to know of the back to a digital power welcome back Jerry. Hey. Hey that's US killed me. I wouldn't out them. For a couple of thousand dollars. Gift. Will. I'll.

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