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Text line you'll be talking to him if you're nice to him you get to me that's how it works we are going to have some fun today I know there's a few things happening but to and we will keep an eye on that of course with the W. T. M. J. breaking news center but it is the last day of twenty nineteen so we're gonna talk a little bit about resolutions we're gonna talk about some good look food we're talk about beer because well it's me and we have to talk a little bit about beer and will introduce a new segment that I have not to have not done her WTMJ Florida news it's all year round Florida news wrap up we are going to I was excited because you know hopefully we will not talk about any incendiary topics today that will get people upset except mother nature obviously has been upset by something I don't know what mood she's going through I don't know if it's a hormonal thing but we've gone from sixty and Bali two twenty six and snowy and I am not a fan of this rapid rapid change it's almost like a mother nature's having hot flashes and then cold flashes and you know but she's pulling the blankets up in bed and then throwing them off because it's so hot in here so I I don't I woke up you know we got home last night after after the show here I drove down to see my mom because those of you with parents who are up in age and my mom is eighty two and she fell the other night while we were we were all getting together for my brother's birthday she fell should have some staples in her head she's fine but the point is there's you know you worry then and we've been talking since but so we went out to see anyway got home about eight o'clock and it was starting to snow as a globally got up this morning of course look out their snow everywhere so I got my cardio in because I shoveled now do you do you would the shovel before you come to work caller do you just hope that somebody else comes around and takes care of that and I do it I got a porch and everything's gonna take care of that as well as the porch cleaned off what if the mailman comes our letter carrier from being politically correct and then slips and falls down and you don't get your you know I don't know what you get your junk mail has right your bill from comet I do I do rent so it's not necessarily my issue too much of your slips and falls answer us that is that the put their person's property been okay because of that they do buy a lot of salt yes for us so like they have bill come by insult every couple days well that's nice so it's it's the it's well taken care of I didn't have time to solve this morning and I have to get some more in the backyard on the the deck in the walk to the garage I've got to get that pet friendly stuff so my dog's feet don't I don't know what would happen if I use regular salt they just DO blow up and explode my dogs we just have to you know be walking on these bloody stumps it's a good that's a good way to start the show enjoy your lunch folks so I got to get some of that but also when I get home but I did I did I felt good because I worked up a little sweat before I got the car to come to work today that'll be the only sweat I work up a less I'm picking up maybe a you know a growler of beer tonight instead of just a mug so that'll be up that's the swat I'm looking forward to but it was a crazy morning and I again started to wonder as I do every time it snows and maybe you do too what is keeping me from moving to a warmer climate why am I not somewhere tropical why do I have to worry about this snow at my advanced age because I used yeah I all kids love the winter all kids love to be in the snow I do not I do not care for it anymore and yet here I am and I will survive another winter and then I'll forget about it because it'll be beautiful in the spring and summer and the fall and then next winter will come again and I will say why am I still here who knows I we've got to it we're gonna get to a update on a story we did yesterday because there was a lot of concerning consternation about this Kansas city police officer you remember the story who had a supposedly left McDonalds with a vial message scribbled on his Cup well I don't think a win and I kept saying it doesn't make sense because if you remember the McDonald's employee said amid the McDonald's owner said listen we've looked at surveillance footage from every possible angle and we believe wholeheartedly that it is not one of our employees we watch we watch the Cup we watch the whole transaction is not one of our employees well guess what it wasn't one of their employees it was in fact the cop that's right the top part me the cop in Kansas city wrote it himself quote on quote as a joke as a guy who's tells jokes a lot for a living or told jokes for is entirely a living for a long time ago still likes to sling jokes now and then I get tired of everybody using it was a joke as an excuse so according to the according to the chief of police the Herington police department chief what in our investigation we found the McDonald's is it and its employees did not have anything whatsoever to do with this incident it was completely and solely fabricated buyer Herrington police officer who is no longer employed with our agency so good moves they toss them out but does somebody else have some culpability in this too I'm sure the rest of the story and we'll try to figure out you know yes good okay this this officer is gone but is there somebody else who should pay a price too and why are we so quick to believe things that we either getting text messages or we see on the internet lot of questions well you have the answers eight five five six one six one six twenty of course is the economic mortgage talking text line more after this W. T. M. J. W. loss of god knows traffic I can't find the age just take a left at the mill can be reached the bagels you've gone too far might have a little bit of traffic near the apples so be careful thanks getting you where you need to go Debbie laws I got mornings and afternoons on WTAM.

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