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Then americans to they know nothing about in eighteen sixty seven the south was under military rule in the years after the one grant is too general chief general phil sheridan who's the commander in louisiana rights us grant but following wedded to general brand in sixty seven we desegregated streetcars in new orleans this week he said the whites and blacks have been riot riding on separate cross the black press had stars on the side he said that black citizens started piling onto the white streetcars and protest the street card companies protested to sheridan shared told streetcar companies unless you integrate regarding to bar you from the streets and he then rights to grant and now after some rock is he said everyone is cheerfully adapted to the fact that soon rights arriving together not the strategist told you cured almost ninety years before rosa parks decided to give up his seat on them on henry russian here we find out reading this letter that there were many blacks who were piling on to white streetcars i doubt that a single listener to this program has ever heard this story before release of forgotten a piece of american history ron tell me at ballot here struggle with alcohol very you're in that press chants well during the presidency actually he did better because when his wife julia was around he didn't drink and also britain was a solitary drinker a although if your present at your own of a lot of solitary moments but it was a terrible struggle during the civil war uh when he had the fate of tens and hundreds of thousands of soldiers showed now what happened was.

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