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It's sports radio six ten breaking texans news all that too so we got some fake news regarding the houston texans today and i'm annoyed that this took place because it's so easy right now any story involving texans owner bob mcnair is gonna be polarizing by nature any of them so when sports illustrated puts out a tweet with a quote from their article that was a write up of a piece done by the new york times saying quote bob mcnair on anthem protests you fellas need to ask your compadres fellas stop that other business when you look at that headline what do you think based off everything that i've talked about on this show and honestly everyone said about bob mcnair publicly because it's easy to do it's easy to say that a guy that has put his foot in his mouth a couple of times is an idiot is dumb etc etc etc it is the layup so when you see that and you see that story you have to wonder what's the story actually going to be you click on the link you read the story and you realize oh so this was a clip of a quote the complete quote you fellas need to ask your compadres fellow stopped at other business you already knew about that half the second half let's go out and do something that really produces positive results and we'll help you it's not that bad it's not that bad i mean look he says a lot of dumb stuff very easy to jump down his throat for all those dumb things that he says but that's bs by sports illustrated who was once considered to be the gold standard of sports journalism to put out a headline like that were a clip of a quote the juicy clip of the quote is put out there this came from a confidential owners and players only meeting that clearly never was confidential it's funny because this is different from time line perspective then the meeting in which bob mcnair said we can't let the inmates run the prison which he argues was made referring to leak executives but if you check the time line and the different policies that he had the apology troy vincent who said in the meeting that he had he was taken aback and offended by mcnair labeling players like that.

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