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I am. Hello. Hey. On you for quite a while. They will Delgado. As a kid. Rhythm owners, holographic brain, right? Yeah. But you had some pretty good bog bussers. Only era sexy and. In eighteen twenty eighteen. More. So. But I don't want to say a long line. Got. Join discovery to begin was like yourself. That's why not your all early on. I'm a period of years old now. And. Tracking discovery all my life. But yeah, you're right about Delgado. How you can put that probe into buying and you can also do that with humor and bring them to their knees, emotions, right, and that sort of the trial and that and also young really got going. We'll see behavioral modification will be a requirement in the future. It'll be the idea of homogenising the public and putting them all on an even basis an even queue with brain power. And they may even just allow certain people to have certain brainpower and other people that have less. It's it's the it's the idea of how we're going to set this up, but it's going to be in a way that we can have everybody agree on one thing. And we won't have division because division is is a stumbling block right now. Yeah. It is. What's going on? I'm still at it. Another twenty years centurion on my feet. That'd be great. Wouldn't it? Shooting for that. At all you got twenty more years. That's fantastic world cuss, CLYDE, really ore and we're.

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