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With one of Brazil's most celebrated musicians, Marisa monche. The European leg of her tour starts in Milan this June. She spoke with monocle senior correspondent Fernando Augusta Pacheco about the tour and her latest album portas. Lonely boy no it's only one passed over though you won't die in them think it's a moment you go they say before you find it through and they never let you go then. I just finished a series of concerts here in my city where I was born and where I live this weekend. I did four concerts here and we just released the life the last song of the album that I released last year in July. At that point we were still in the middle of the pandemic crisis with a lot of infections and everything and it was a big challenge to record and release during that period. And I hold this song cause I wanted to release life and only when I had the chance to be back on stage where I believed at that point that I was really going to be ready to sing a song called feliz a LEGO fortune happy joyful and strong and I feel much more happy joyful and strong now than when you're ago. And I believe everybody because we are kind of returning to our lives to.

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