William Kristol, Franklin North Carolina, President Trump discussed on C-SPAN


We lost william kristol is in franklin north carolina while we listened to these phone calls just a reminder that we're standing by waiting for the president to enter the diplomatic room and make an announcement on the iran nuclear deal he's running a few minutes late we'll take you there the second he comes into the diplomatic room in the meantime more of your reaction on this possible announcement to leave that deal go ahead thank you i am looking forward to the announcement i know i ran i hope that our president pulls us out of that deal i don't think it was a good deal at all i think john kerry was a very bad representative i am to a veteran i'm a navy veteran and i don't approve of john kerry at all he was a guy that he did the stolen valor thing he thought that he could it's just a mess he wasn't a good representative i think that iran shouldn't have the right to have nuclear weapons because of their rhetoric against us and other nations i think that if we could all live peacefully that would be awesome if they need nuclear power for their country to have a good system over there then fine but they don't intend to use it for that they intend to harm other people with it and i don't think they should be allowed to have that so i support our president trump what if it's a partial withdrawal what if it reimposes some sanctions but isn't a full withdrawal from that treaty would you be okay with that i don't i i would not be okay with that because of their death chance to america and other countries i just don't trust them they're they're not trustworthy people they say one thing do a total and other and i mean i just think that we should be hard on them and we need somebody.

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