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The former all pro receiver has become an advocate for cancer awareness is brother and his father both died of cancer. It is now five twenty one time for your CEO spotlight with David Johnson. Well, Wall Street always seems to have bull markets. Kleiber? Wall of the latest worry is actually an old worry it's back again that is a global economic slowdown not just here and not just in the EU or sub emerging countries. But everywhere, I don't know how likely this is. But I know who does Greg Meyer is directed senior economist for audience global investors, and he joins us, right? It's good heavier. This could be your David. So is that likely that we all fall at the same time? Well, there's there's definitely some questions about what's happening with the global economy. You've seen. Yield curves. Not just here in the US but abroad, invert, just recently. You've seen. Glowing interest rates are higher now than they are two years from now or three years correct yet typically longer term that has a higher interest. That that's turned upside down recently in the US. We've got three month yields are currently higher than ten year treasury yields which is pretty unusual phenomenon it so they're looking at in the future. They're saying things are not going to be as good in the future. You've actually this is getting reinforced. We saw a Tuesday we solved the housing starts in the building permits. Just dropped off a cliff. We are really seeing a slowdown here. Yeah. Yeah. We've seen a number of different indicators in the US slowing down from December retail sales numbers which were the worst since two thousand nine to January industrial production, which contracted to February manufacturing that was that was very soft as well. So the slowdown really began in mid twenty eighteen where we had peak growth in the US in the third quarter. We saw slower growth in the fourth quarter even slower growth in and for the first quarter of twenty nine thousand nine we're looking at this is not without precedent. It'd be economies are like people leave mood swings. They turn around their perky day. Is so which I guess what you worry about is a deep recession that turns into the D word is this are we in a recession. What do you think? No. I don't think. So. And that's the most common question that we're getting from clients as well, what's the scale of the slowdown. Are we going into recession and right now, I would say that we're probably looking at just a slowdown, but there's a great deal of uncertainty. That's out there right now as well. So some of the leading indicators that you'd be looking at to determine whether or not we're heading toward recession the yield curve in particular that those are starting to flesh more yellow and red. So that could just be flashing that we're going to have. And I think Janet Yellen said this the other day that it may be that there's a rate cut coming down the line. Absolutely. Just just last week. We saw the Federal Reserve take all interest rate hikes for for twenty nineteen off the table. Yeah. That was a very dovish move by the fed Greg Meyer. Is director and senior economist for Ali owns global investors. Good debut weather. It's great to be here. David David Johnson. Newsradio today to KRLD, David. Thank you. And you can hear his entire.

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