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Grown exotic meets the menus in Australia scientists have now created lab grown kangaroo they did it by obtaining a tissue sample from a farm where wild kangaroos are cold and now they're looking to re create hard to find need for adventurous eaters would you feel guilty eating Galapagos tortoise burger if no tortoise was harmed Jim Chevy CBS news there's news H. netter rapport with your micro climate forecasts looking at a pretty comfortable afternoon out there with temperatures a couple degrees cooler than yesterday mid seventies for the coast mid to upper eighties inland and it looks like we're gonna stay that way through the weekend the on shore flow bringing in pretty cool nice comfortable conditions no humidity inside I am seven sixty I'm using that Iran poured out sunny and eighty nine in Santee Padres take on the Rockies again tonight down a petco park last night they rolled to a nine three win over Colorado tonight cal Quantrill gets the start for the pods Mike Slater's coming up AM seven sixty talk and breaking news say bill Reilly here please join me every weekday at six forty five PM for the Riley update we'll talk news stories and cover the controversies of the day right here on a M. seven sixteen talk and breaking news there's just got this from just released California's ambitious effort to automate voter registration at the DMV produced almost eighty four thousand duplicate records and more than twice that number with political party mistakes according to an audit just released the analysis cover just the first five months of the new motor voter program they found a wide array of problems with the rollout of the DMV system blah blah blah blah eighty four thousand duplicate voter registration records okay arc I am I for one it shocked me too I I'm actually aghast what your gas I'm a dad hold on I am I gave did you just look at what he went to the source I'm confounded and astounded who is that who is the lawyer in five a Jackie mortified stupefied shock I really need to go back and watch every episode Stefan to do that and I'd own I'm not as inspired as she is to do it see I don't even think I've seen every episode.

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