Why Savant Systems' Acquisition of GE Lighting is the Future of High-End Smart Home


Across all industries and the data that is associated with these technological solutions sets us on the path to global scaling an unimaginable business growth. Which is the best way for me to introduce my colleague and my friend betty. Davita betty is a global executive with expertise in digital transformation and consumer financial services. Betty is currently the chief business officer and member of the board for finn. Connector a technology company which connects digital platforms and solutions and financial services companies via an api platform to accelerate digital transformation and open banking. Betty is also the founder of bet. Deb solutions a fintech advisory practice where she works with emerging companies on strategy value creation partnerships and the path to global warming previously. Betty served as the chief commercial officer of digital payments labs at for mastercard and prior to that that he held various leadership positions at city. Which is where we work together. Welcome betty thank you betty as the first question. I'm certain our audiences would be interested in your perspective of the digital transformation. That's taking place today in financial services we'd love to hear what are you seeing in the market and what business problems are being solved with these continuously evolving technologies. That's it's a loaded question. And i'll try to answer at At a couple of kind of macro levels and then try and get a bit into What we're seeing in different regions around the world. I mean at the macro level. It's clear that financial institutions can't continue to develop everything here right the notion of proprietary developmenh is just. It's not sustainable from the standpoint of the speed and velocity by which they need to turnaround new solutions. They've got a competitive landscape of thousands of been tax in stored ops that are entering the market and providing services at a level that You know consumers. Sme's incorporates see in their everyday transactions. And so there's so much friction that's been taken out of the equation with many of the digital giants and these new solutions. Banks can't continue to

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