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May deepen the heart of germany's black forest. Monkey forty seven is a batch. Distilled handcrafted gin with a cult. Following among the world's finest bartenders the forty seven refers to the impressive array of botanical. Used to make this. Well rounded jim ingredients. Likely and berry hand peeled citrus. Fruit and brand believes are paired with more traditional juniper lavender botanical to craft an unbelievably complex gene. That bartenders are obsessed with it. No you can have monkey. Forty-seven delivered right to your door and get five dollars off your first order undress me dot com using the promo code dt ns. That's dri dot com to get this cult. Favourite gin delivered to your door. Must be twenty one in older promo code. Valid for new customers only void where prohibited monkey forty seven certainly german and certainly fund are coming up on dt and s blocks screwing over recording artists. Can the us government help ease the supply chain strain and is microsoft entering a post console existence is. Here's the daily tech news for thursday june tenth. Twenty twenty one from studio redwood. I'm sarah lane from lovely cleveland ohio. I'm rich draw felino rem austin texas. I'm justin robert young and i'm the show's producer. Roger chain for the show. On dan we were talking about the perks. You get when you get a new haircut depending on where you live and all sorts of other things if you want that wider conversation in our expanded show good day internet also known as gdi do so by becoming a member at on dot com slash t and s. Let's start with a few things you should know. Starling spacex is sadly internet network is reportedly in talks with several airlines to provide their inflight. Wi fi service at panel at the connected aviation. Intelligence summit on wednesday spacex his vp of starlink commercial sales. Jonathan hoffler stated. We've already done some demonstrations today and looking to get that product finalized to be put on aircraft in the very near future motherboard. Sources shared forum posts made by hackers claiming to have stolen source code for electronic arts fee. Twenty feet twenty. Twenty-one code for e as matchmaking server also source code and tools for the frostbite engine and various frameworks and sdk's totally in seven hundred eighty gigabytes of data ea since confirmed to motherboard. It suffered data breach the hackers clams are correct but that no player data was accessed. And he doesn't think there's any risk to player privacy. Sony has revealed its air peak s one drone specs geared toward professional viagra. Fers for amir nine thousand dollars. The air peak s one works with sony's a seven s mark three fx. Three and eight k capable alpha. One mirrorless cameras that attach with a

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