A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/7/21--Belmont Stakes Recap


By twin spires happy monday. June the seventh to you all getting ready for my little mini trip back home. We have We race grants pass today tomorrow but then we have next week off because of the oregon fairs and so i'm gonna go home for nine days. Go see my mom and family and friends. And i think i'm going to go to emerald downs next week for. I believe the first time since twenty eighteen so very excited about that and looking forward to this week's guests and shows and obviously we'll talk a lot of belmont park and belmont stakes day on today's show looking back at the weekend I got admit. I thought from top to bottom a pretty enjoyable day at belmont is far as you know. Viewing from home at twinspires.com thought. We had some good performances. Thought we had a couple little upsets thought. We had a couple of You know we had a great showdown for stretch battle in the race. It was I thought overall a fun day and you know big days can often of course bataille in everyday honestly can be of course tied to you know our results at the windows or our favourite horses how they do and stuff like that You know i guess. I'm as soon as possible. All that stuff is as everybody else's but for me personally. It was a fun and satisfying day. Thought i had some good opinions on the day and you just enjoyed the experience of belmont stakes day to twenty one. I guess there was eleven thousand people. There is some reason. I thought it would be more than that. I figured they would allow a greater crowd may and maybe they had a certain limited. I just didn't pay attention. I guess i was expecting more than that. Because we're seeing so many places now opened up to full slate or near it Watch the hockey playoffs. And i know florida's different beasts than the rest of the country but like you know they're jammed the gills at the tampa bay lightning game which i have to be lightning fan now since tampa guy but anyway so we'll talk a lot about that three new guests to the show this week all of which. I'm very excited for dr patti. Hogan is gonna join us for tuesday's show equine surgeon she's operated on you know smarty jones and a lot of very big names in the in the world of horse racing but thought it'd be fun to talk to her not only about that and her career but just kind of bracing animal medicine in regards to race horses and And all that. So i in a little different. Maybe than what we normally do. But i think you guys are going to really enjoy it. She's a great interview to which always helps and looking forward to that. On tuesday show wednesday. I feel we have had most announcers on the show. But we have not had the voice of hastings. racecourse longtime voice of hastings racecourse. Dan yukichi is going to join me on wednesday. I've known dan for. I don't know fifteen years fourteen years or so. I used to have this great picture. And i had framed in my booth at portland. It was me robert. Geller and dan djukic canada three voices of northwest racing guys when i was portland meadows and Dan of course hastings in robert at emerald and somehow the picture got lost and dan's the only one of us. Actually i guess i'm still in the north west. Even though grants pass closer to california than it is washington. I guess i'm still still here. But looking forward to talking to dan. In talk a little hastings hastings running mondays and tuesdays. Right now they actually kinda run with us at grants pass. They run at five. We started five fifteen and so. Ideally we were kind of this little northwest connection on mondays and tuesdays. So we'll talk with the dance yucatan. Wednesday's show horse player thursday. Alford gonna join us al coming off a win at the lone star tournament and so we'll talk some horse racing and handicapping with With al on horse player thursday. So that's what we got coming up this week The jury of course will be here friday and we'll get reflections on the big weekend from the boys at james and scott. I'm sitting in here. I use a I bought a really good mike for the show last. Oh i guess it would have been february of twenty twentieth right when the pandemic will start to maybe march and i love it. I think it sounds better. I want the show to sound good. And i just bought a new mike for in person guest interviews. I think with being back east more. That is gonna lend to doing a little bit. More in person interviews. There's obviously very few guests that we're gonna have on the show that are you know. Inner around grants pass oregon and for that matter in and around seattle. But when i'm back east everything so much closer together. I'm going to when i go to tampa at the end of the month. I'm gonna spend a week down there. But then i'm going to spend a week at in louisville and. I thought it'd be fun to do like some in person interviews and louisville. Told ed i'd probably do a longer. Sit down with him and you know maybe try to rustle up some some other churchill folks or or something like that but i wanted to get another mike to have impersonality then for c. When colonial starts Jessica pocket. Who's going to be my co worker down there. I thought fund Are staying together down there. So i thought it'd be fun to maybe have her pop in and out once in a while on the show and so i thought it would be good to have a second good mike so that way i can do in person interviews. We haven't done many of them over the years. I just i mean. I know ashley may you. I interviewed in person at forty wally. Hennessy i interviewed in person inside the pylons i interviewed in person and we just used a single mike between us so he's sat very close but really it hasn't been something we've done that much of and i do like it and i did it with gabe to at Down at department pompilio park. I do think there is something to be said for looking someone in the eye and making it a little more conversational it's probably easier for to be conversational for me too. Because i am looking at the person in end maybe does feel little more back and forth as opposed to the traditional interview so investing in the show. that's what i'm doing investing in the show but anyway so the weekend of course belmont stakes the centerpiece of said weekend. And we'll try to get to as much of the belmont card as we can today. Worse case it'll trickle into tomorrow show. But the odds. I thought were very interesting in the sense that you know. Central quality was two to one for a lot of the day and about

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