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We got you covered. Let me tell you what i know. And let me say we're gonna play no doubt and they're gonna take your calls. Eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six eighty eight say. Espn what's up and you still on my shine till autumn dump stories man. Hey listen you agree with magic johnson. Saying as you just mentioned the after mitchell. Schreuder isn't a laker. he doesn't quote. he doesn't have that winning mentality. You agree max nas on. He's not a true champion. I don't know if he doesn't have that winning mentality. he might wanna win. You just may not be capable of it you know like i. I don't wanna doubt shooters mentality. He may just not have it when it matters most in. Oh there's there's some guys who they want it too bad. There are other guys who just get nervous. It's not that they don't want it is that they get nervous. But whatever reason choke is a choke and shooter choked period what else. Hey the titans now. With julio jones are super bowl contenders son. You know the reason i. It's hard to call them pretenders because on paper they have what they need. I know that ten hills underrated. I've made the case recently. But why do i like the bills. More than the titans. Because they have a quarterback with real next level upside in josh allen. Why seattle always winning. Because they have russell wilson. I'm not even talking about patrick. Freakin mahomes or aaron rodgers. I mean just quarterbacks with a hill to me is just a real good pro starting. Nfl quarterback but not extra. And i don't think this is even like bill for one you i manning. Well i don't think you could do that anymore like that. I think you really need a special quarterback nowadays. So i guess my way of saying i don't believe in tannehill art. Hey max got a birthday in the house all

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