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This attorney I spoke with said they anticipate there'll be no finding of criminal charges that maybe there is a violation of departmental policy. But nonetheless, Ah, I imagine Jonathan Mattingly was shot first in the leg, and then they returned fire. And it appears that the boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who was sleeping next to Brown, a tailor fired the first shot. How concerned are you? It's a prosecutor when that decision has announced, assuming it's no criminal charges, which no one knows for certain at this point that there's going to be, shall I say riots or civil disturbances in Covington? But in Covington in particular, Certainly I hope there's no rides. There's no violence that there's no sense was the destruction of property or looting or anything like that. It's always a possibility, but it's something that Colonel nature and come in Police department are always discussing. Always keeping an eye on. I know they'll be prepared for it. But generally speaking, I think the folks in this town are a lot smarter than they are in some other places. They realised that it makes no sense to burn your city down. But like I said, you know, we have a good relationship with law enforcement. On the side of the river. We have open communication. We support him in the same way law enforcement sports people exercising their freedom of speech their right to demonstrate protest. And generally speaking, they get along. When it happens. We have had a couple small protests on this side of the river. Tall been safe. It's all been crime free. It's just been people exercising their constitutional rights. And other than that, there hadn't really been a big problem with it. I think Hopefully it will stay that way. I think it will stay that way, and that's obviously always the goal. We don't want to see the problems that we've seen in some other part of the country, and we certainly don't want to see her hometown destroyed like some cities have suffered across the country. No Cincinnati's going toe have difficulties and I think Chief Isaac and John Cranley and Joe Deters will be notified today had a time to get ready. How do you prepare Covington to make sure the mobs in the rioting doesn't come across the Ohio River? Well, you know, Cincinnati Police always been pretty good to me that way. They've always done a fantastic job of keeping. The civil disturbances on the north side of the river. We hope it stays that way. We'll be in contact with them when we know something. Trust the General Cameron will keep us informed being the Third largest, much Politan Eri in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Certainly you know, the possibility exists and being right across the river from Cincinnati, the possibility existed there Problems couldn't cross. The river, so we will be prepared for it. We will make sure we're in communication with everybody over in Cincinnati in their police department in the Sheriff's department, and I don't want to give away the secrets, Willie, But you know those floodgates don't go in the floodwalls much anymore. We've been taken up onto the bridges here lately, and We might have to put you on that side of the river. But we'll do whatever we have to do. So the message is stay out of Belcourt. If you're on a tender app and someone says Join me at Belcourt, come in the back door. Your antenna might go up a little bit. Well, you know, Willie, It's not Bill Court. I don't want to insult. No, not with their because there's plenty of anybody's gotta be careful. You. You know you're making these arrangements. Tony Bender can tell you. You walk in some of these women. They might look really pretty on their tender profile, right grain, And they might not look quite attractive. When you shove a little bit of false advertising. I think they call his catfish like that, Willy. You know, I know you wouldn't know. Get him rock. You can tell me about it, but I don't know about that stuff. But I'll tell you what Forewarned is forearmed, and it's better to mated Starbucks or made in some bar somewhere and kind of Check the dental history of your potential mate. I had a time, but we'll see what happens with this case. But hopefully forewarned is forearmed once again, Rob Sanders, thanks for giving us an update on the tender shootings. Any time Willie and soon I know we're working into spit that tour of the ascent condo into your busy schedule. That's right across from your favorite smell Park. But we had that done here soon, and hopefully we can get you that showing you were asking me about. Well, I tell you what, At some point, the people's judge, and I may go back to my roots. No, maybe not hurling on Ellesmere. But Covington and 20th and Scott family is great history there and return back to Bethlehem for me would not be a bad idea. Rob Sanders, Good luck to you and stay off tender. That will do Willy out. I'll be in touch if we have any more problems like that. But it's certainly not gonna be a problem. Rob Sanders, thank you very much. Let's continue with more your thoughts of any seven. 49 £7000.700 new 18 T coming up later we'll be in individual was going to talk about what's happening. Relative, the landlords and out landlords basically are getting screwed blue and tattoo and barbecued. The media covers the tenants in a very positive fashion. But what about the landlords who can't make the mortgage payment? What about that? Continue with more reds continue to lose on news radio 700 WLW. Let's.

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