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And also in like really upping like like the i don't know like how vow like the valor of the white soldiers and stuff like that like i don't know it and then and then it was just the pacy who's kind of slow a music was like overbearing at times but the at to me the acting is what i love about this movie like the acting is so great and especially amongst the black soldiers and stuff so i felt i felt weird but i also it's the only movie you know what i mean it's like kind of one of the only movies about the civil war that popular and for that it's really great you know i just wish that i guess i just wish that the black characters were more featured like they were more at the forefront you know i'm i mean shaw deserves this time but like some of those other like shah's friend and you know what i mean in like all the amount of driver yes travelling at a ladder jets clamper up and allow the screen and everything at will point legit robert was in everything why did you go to uri way what's his name in a princess bride the spread right he is basically rob and also to say real quick he's edward zwick is not related to jobs where it and that's our common misconception that they are related to over westerly make sure i said that on the parks yeah i dunno i feel weird but that's just my thing i don't want to poohpooh this movie here so.

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